Sunday, February 15, 2009

A special visit from the Todd family!

I guess I can now explain why it took awhile to post. The day after my last post of playing at Dave and Busters, Sunday February 1st, Keven and I drove to San Diego to meet up with Keven's dad, Bruce. Bruce flew in Sunday night for meetings for work. Keven was able to spend Sunday through Wednesday with him. I had to drive back Sunday night because I had to work, but it was nice that Keven got to spend time with his dad. They went to the movies a couple times, went out to eat every night, hung out with Keven's cousin Dustin, went golfing and got to enjoy some of the Buick Invitational of the PGA tour at Torrey Pines in La Jolla. (Thanks Lauren!) Bruce flew out Wednesday night and when I drove back up to San Diego, Keven and I got to go out to dinner and hang out with his cousin and his girlfriend. We had such a blast just talking and catching up. This trip was the longest that Keven had ever been away from each other so seeing him took my breath away. I missed him so much but I actually did pretty good! :) Now if it was longer then 3 days...that's another story. Friday, February 6th, Bruce had another meeting in Long Beach. He flew back out to Long Beach this time with Carla (Keven's mom) and Kiley (Keven's little sister). They stayed the night Friday night and we got to hang out for the weekend. Saturday the boys went golfing again (yes, it's both of their many loves.) We then checked into the hotel on the Harbor in Long Beach. It was so beautiful! Keven, me and KileyKeven and Carla showing off their wonderful assets. :) After checking in, we went to Boomers and went minature golfing. Keven and I love minature golfing but for some reason we haven't been for awhile. We had so much fun at Boomers! We had to take a break because it started raining pretty hard so we went in and played at the arcades for awhile. Then we went back out and finished the rest of the holes.Keven and I got a hole in one on the same hole! A little later, Bruce and Carla got a hole in one on the same hole too!

This is Keven doing his happy dance! After we went minature golfing, we went to The Cheesecake Factory. We absolutely love the fried maccaroni and cheese balls and the sweet corn tamale cakes. Oh man, both of those appitezers are so dang good...hence, Keven went to his "happy place." He was dancing and humming as he was posing for the camera. Check out Bruce in the reflection in the back. haha! Apparently he thought his son was a weirdo! :)

We spent the night with them Sunday night in Long Beach. Carla and Kiley had to leave Monday morning, so I decided to take work off. It was very much needed, so it was nice relaxing with my love. We spent the night there every night, luckily it wasn't too bad of a commute to work. Bruce just left last Thursday. We went out to eat and to the movies and just relaxed. It was so nice to spend time with all of them!!

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The Hardy's said...

Wow! You guys have def. been busy! Looks like you have been having a blast! How fun to have the get away in Long Beach! Its always so nice to get out of town! I also love the pics of the slumber party with Jocy!