Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day was so relaxing! We slept in Saturday and opened presents right away and then after the gym we made breakfast. We watched the Pro AM tour on TV, then went to the hot tub and even laid out by the pool and played a little "21 question" game! (That was loads of fun!!!) Then we went and picked up one of Keven's presents! (to be announced later!) Then we went to my Grandma's house for dinner and cake to celebrate my Uncle Bill's birthday. It was fun to see my cousins and Jenn and James and Jocelynn came. It was really nice to spend Valentine's with some of the people I love! I love you so much Keven...thanks for all you do and who you are!! I definitely married my prince charming! Look at him!! He's so hot! :) Here are Keven's presents. I love his new tie and especially his shirt that he's wanted for a long time. I was so happy when he was really surprised! He's holding a remote control because I got us DVR. Even better...when we went to pick it up, they said we can have it for 6 months free!! It was perfect!

Look at how good Keven did! He totally surprised me with this jacket. I couldn't believe it. A couple months ago I mentioned to Keven (okay, mentioned a lot) that I really liked the button up white coats. He remembered and it fit perfect!
Here we are at my grandma's house about to blow out the candles! Happy Birthday Uncle Bill!

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April and Wes said...

You guys should have joined us at the game for Valentine's Day. :)

Come down here one of these weekends and us and you and Jill and Paul can all hang out.