Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A weekend with a cousin, brother and best friend!

Friday, November 14th to Sunday, November 16th: Keven's cousin Dustin has been his best friend since he was a cute little squirt in Utah. They are about a month apart in age and they are really close. Dustin is living in San Diego and we had the priviledge of hanging out with him this weekend! It was so much fun! Dustin drove up with a friend to Riverside and Keven went and picked him up Friday night. I had one of the fave's ready when they got back...Hawaiian Haystacks! YUMMO! So we just spent the night catching up and talking and of course...XBox. Actually that is an understatement. Keven was so excited to have Dustin there that he basically exploded with excitement to play it ALL night long (and morning for that matter.) I went to bed at around 3 am and they were still playing! When I woke up Saturday morning, they were still sleeping....and I found out they went to bed around 4:30am. haha! I was actually happy for Kev though because he doesn't play that much (as he is playing it right now however.) I got the XBox 360 for him for Christmas last year, and he barely touched it so now when I see him playing it, I am actually happy! (Do you think he planned that?!) That's actually pretty smart of him now that I think of it! Saturday morning we ate breakfast and headed to the beach for the afternoon. It was a beautiful day, very hot...UNTIL the smoke from all of the fires covered the ocean. It was so insane! This picture is when we first got to the beach. Look how bright and beautiful the skies are! Here's the lovely couple...err..I mean...COUSINS! ha! Check out the smoke coming towards the ocean! Isn't it suppose to go AWAY from the ocean breeze?As soon as we got to the beach we threw our stuff down and ran into the water. We knew it would be freezing, so that's why we ran. Keven and I had wet suits but Dustin didn't and we knew it would be a lot colder for him and he wouldn't go in if we had the suit on. SO we charged the ocean and dove in and OH MY WORD....I thought we had died. Seriously, have you been in the water in the middle of November without a wetsuit! Holy crap it was freezing! BUT we are champs and we stayed in the water. We were actually in the water for over an hour! I know, we are pretty tough. Actually, I think all of us wanted to get out, but no one wanted to admit it. Plus, we couldn't really talk because it felt like 300 lbs were on our chest and we had to conserve energy! So we kept swimming. My hands and feet went numb and so we had to keep jumping up and down and swimming like crazy for our body heat to kick in. It is so hilarious thinking back to it right now though! hahaha! (okay, maybe not to you, but to me...yes, hilarious!) Then when we started getting enough energy to talk, we decided to get the boogie boards. We ran out and ran back in....you think it would've gotten easier, but no, still cold. We got some serious good waves though and had a blast. Then we realized it was time to get out when Dustin's head was pounding and he couldn't really stop it from hurting. When we got out... Dustin decided to do a little dance...actally he was just shaking from the coldness! What an adventure! hahahaCheck out the sun...way crazy!The entire ocean was this color from the smoke! This was the darkest part....the opposite side was bright blue. It was really weird!
This is proof that Jessica is the coolest wife ever and let them play XBOX EVERY chance they got!

I doubt they knew I was taking this picture. You should've heard them...it was a comedy show for sure!

We had such a great weekend with you Dustin! We love you so much and are always here for you! We look forward to our next visit with you!


April and Wes said...

Welcome to my life Jess... I mean the x-box every night until 2 or so. That is Wes everyday! :) You get Kevin a x-box 360 live account, and things will sure change for the lack of not playing. Wes plays every night with a new friend, why do you think I stay so on top of my blogging and reading everyday. :) I actually don't mind, but it is comedy to listen to him as well... I can only imagine the conversations.

The Ward Family said...

You are a good wife. Those pictures are crazy with the fires. I can't believe you guys went in the water.

Lindsey Whiting said...

Wow, that smoke is crazy and so are you guys for jumping in the water!