Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Wednesday, November 19th: This was a surpising unexpected night. I was at work and a coworker knows how much I love Leona Lewis's music. She told me that she was performing live on the Jimmy Kimmel show in Hollywood and that I could get free tickets to go. So yea, we got tickets and went a couple hours later. It was a lot of fun! (Besides the fact of being stuck in traffic for an hour to go 7 miles!) We've never been to a taping, so it was a neat experience. Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy (Dr. Meredith Grey) was the guest and I guess Shaun White was suppose to be there, but they did a pre recording for that. We were bummed because we would've rather seen Shaun White, but it's all good. We were actually on TV in the very beginning. (If you go to abc.com and click on "watch episode for 11/19" you will see us!) We were the front row and they gave us mustaches to wear for a commerical they do. It was pretty funny and I realized that Keven shouldn't grow a mustache and Keven realized....that I shouldn't either. ha! It was a fun little date night!!! We couldn't take pictures anywhere in the theatre so I just grabbed these from online. Leona Lewis only did one song but she did awesome!!


Sheryl said...

You sure know how to find the fun. Or is it that the fun finds you??

Sundbergs said...

That sounds awesome. I love her too.