Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bishop Trip!!

Thursday, October 16th to Sunday, October 19th: Our Rock climbing/camping trip to Bishop was so awesome! Our good friends Diego and Mariela put together a rock climbing trip for a group of their friends to go to Bishop, near Mammoth. We left Thursday night after work and got there late in the evening. We put up camp and had an amazing time! Thanks Diego and Mariela for the invite! It was so much fun and we'll definitely have to do it again! Here is my love by the sign of where we stayed. We bought our much needed camping equipment. Our last air mattress had a hole in it, so we got a new one. The bad part was that our pump dyed and so we had to blow it up! Yea, never try that...I've never been so light headed in my life! After I blew up the mattress (thanks Keven for blowing too!) made the night sleeping so much nicer because we were sleeping on our own air!! :)Oh Keven is so hot! :) Here is our first night camping together. We never been before this trip, so it was extra special! :)Here we are Friday morning, getting breakfast made! Bacon and eggs anyone?! Yea...we are ballers.Here's our beautiful camp site! No one in site! Friday morning after breakfast, we headed to the "Great wall of China." It was SO big! It took us about 30 minutes to hike down to the base of the rock. It was so steep and we kept sliding down, it was pretty intense. Once we got there...the fun began! Here's Keven working the magic!
I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist and sometimes it hurts to the point that I can't even move it. (I had surgery on my left wrist, so that doesn't support me that great either.) The first climb Friday morning was really annoying because my wrist started acting up and it started swelling. I couldn't climb the whole wall because it started hurting pretty bad. Usually I would just do it anyway, but I thought it would be better sit out for a bit and take some iB profen to stop the swelling and put some ice on it so I could climb the next wall.

We are about to leave to another area in this picture. Keven and I walked down to this area near the river...well there was poison ivy down there. Yea, that sucked. It felt like millions of thorns kept pricking at my legs! It lasted for about an hour for me and then somewhat faded away. Keven's lasted for a bit, but then came back when we got home a couple days later! Isn't that crazy? He was itching his legs one night that it started bleeding!Here's Mariela and myself waiting for our next climb. My wrist started feeling a lot better! Keven and Diego. After a couple more climbs...(our last one being AMAZING) but we didn't have really any pictures of us climbing that one because everyone that took our pictures last time were also climbing. (Does that sentence make any sense?) :) So yea, we hiked back up that 20 minute hike. BUT after climbing from 10:30 to about 7:00 at night...yea, we were dead! Oh man, our booties were definitely on fire after that hike!

Thanks to my wonderful dad, we were able to get a lot of wood from his lumber company! Keven was a great chopper! :) Check out the mountains in the back! Friday night and Saturday night, we headed to the natural hot springs that were AMAZING! Oh man, have you ever been in one of those? They are SO relaxing! Sometimes they get so ridiculously hot that you have to stay out for awhile. In college I always freaked out when people would mention the "lave hot springs" because...well have you ever seen DANTE's PEAK?! Yea..people dyed in one of those! totally relaxed us after a long day of climbing!

Saturday morning we headed to the happy boulders. Bouldering intimidates me a little more then rock climbing because...well you don't have a rope. I guess the good thing is though that it's only like 20 feet, so if you fall you only break some bones, but you won't die. haha, jk mom! :) there are crash pads underneath you and a spotter. We had a blast and I was very impressed with Keven and his athleticism! I swear he can do ANYTHING!

After we were done bouldering, the guys wanted to replicate the jeep commericial...tell me that doesn't look like one...minus the jeep. haha. BUT the guys wanted to each climb a boulder and play frisbee. Who got the frisbee if it wasn't caught? Well there was a dog...her name was JESSICA. (Yea, me!)

This was a fun rock. Keven and I climbed around the whole thing. It was pretty tiring, but it was a lot of fun and good practice!

Keven just chillin in a rock. It was such a nice spot!

I love this picture of Keven bouldering. He is so cool! :)

Keven on his way down from a rock.
Some more frisbee play. Keven always knocked the frisbee down!

The last picture before we left for home. It was so much fun! Thanks again Hellewell's!!


The Hardy's said...

You guys are seriously so awesome and lets hang out again soon! We're free this week! lol. Looks like that trip was a blast!

Jill Duncan said...

How fun! You are so athletic Jess, I'm really impressed!!!!

The Ward Family said...

That looked way fun. I love the picture of Keven hanging out in the rock :) That was funny. It looked comfy.

charlie and carolyn said...

you guys are always up to something! looks like it was a blast, how fun

Sundbergs said...

Awesome pictures. Looks like a great trip.

Mari-eggo said...

AWESOME PHOTOS! yes let's definitely do it again, It was sooo much fun! we love hanging out with you guys....