Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jenn's Halloween fiesta!

Saturday, October 25th: My sister Jenn had her 1st annual Halloween party at our parent's house. It was so much fun! Jenn really put a lot of time and energy into this party, so it was so much fun to be a part of it. Friday we drove to my parent's house and My mom, Jenn and myself started putting our heads together to start decorating the place. We started getting really excited. I got these cool spiders from the $0.99 store and tried scarying my dad. When Keven and my dad were watching TV, I put it on my dad's shoulder! It looked so real and we were waiting for him to jump and scream and throw it and then run around the living room like a little girl...well as you expect, that never happened! A couple minutes later I found it on the floor. He said he just threw it off, but we all knew he screamed when he threw it! :) ANYWAY, we continued the decorating all day Saturday and I think it turned out great. The night of the party was so much fun. Here's some pictures of our exciting night! :)hahahahahahahahah! Yes, I am literally LOL right now. I couldn't control myself when Keven was doing this. He was TOTALLY camera ready! :) I tried sticking them in my eyes but couldn't get them to say. Keven was a pro at it. He would even hold it long enough for me to take several shots! haha! He looks like a fish in a fish bowl on this one.
haha, this was the first shot that I fell to the floor laughing on. I seriously thought it was the funniest thing ever. You may not, but that's okay...I love this kind of humor! :)We had dummies all dressed up on the front porch. In order to go through the back, you had to go through the dummies. Well among those dummies, Keven, James and myself were there being still as can be. When people would pass we would scare the heck out of them. The funny part is that when Keven would scare the people walking by, he would scare me too...and I was supposed to be the one scaring!! haha!Here I am! The night before, we found these masks and were playing scary music and I was running all around the house trying to scare my sister. It was very fun!Jenn still found James Very handsome of course! :) Here is Keven and I! hahahaha SO SICK!Just in case you were wondering which one was which! :)Here's me and my lovely mother! Love you mom!!Me, My mom, Jenn and Rachel...there were gummy worms in the flour and we had a contest of who could get them all out the quickest. I WON! :) BUT it took much gagging and dried lips to get to that point. I thought it would be funny to get a spoonful in my mouth and laugh and shoot it out of my mouth and get my mom...well, yea, it wasn't too funny when my mom couldn't see the rest of the night! It got in her contacts, but I hope she still had fun! Sorry mom!Jenn made this pinata. It had 10 $1 bills in it. I got $2! It was a lot of fun!
Here's the apple contest. You had to be the first one to take the bite of the apple. I think this is right before Keven put the entire apple in his mouth. Does that count?Here's Jenn's super hot friend named Ben. She wanted to strike a pose but I think he just wanted to sleep.
Here's Tyler and Aiden, our cute little nephews!


Mari-eggo said...

your sister's party looked like a lot of fun! hope you guys had fun at ours! : )

The Little family said...

I missed it :(! Wanted to come but had my lil' guy, oh well next year. Your Bishop triop looked like SOOO much fun, you guys are CRAZY rock climbers!!! WOW!! I was impressed Jess!

p.s. I miss and love your humor :)

charlie and carolyn said...

that looked like sooo much fun! glad you had a great halloween with the fam!

Hope said...

Looks like you had a fun Halloween. We didn't do much because we've been working on the house so much, but we did dress Macie up as a witch and take her to her first Aggie game! :) I'm sure you miss it. (We won by like 30 by the way)

Darin and Betsy said...

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