Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We LOVE Friends that Visit!!! (hint to everyone!) :)

Saturday, October 4th -Thursday, October 9th: This was a fun week! We had a special visit with our wonderful friends, Lisa, Tyson and Sawyer Heaton. They are doing what me and Kev always said we wanted to do when we had kids....still live and be adventurous! :) They went on a road trip for about a month. They left in September and just got back on the 10th. They traveled the west coast and saw some sweet things. They lived in their truck for that long..with their son who will be 1 at the end of the month! They were going to go until Thanksgiving, but needed to get back so Tyson could study for the LSAT. We wished we could do more, but unfortunately work kept us VERY busy. It was so sweet though to come home for lunch to company and a cute little baby who was excited to see us! Sawyer absolutely loved Keven and always wanted to play with him. It was so cute! It was nice to stay up just talking to them and play "up the river down the river!" We miss them so much and always have the funnest time with them! We are so grateful that you guys were able to come down and spend so much time with us! You guys are the best and we love you so much! Look how much fun the boys are having! We just wanted to play with him all night. Sawyer is so cute and ALWAYS smiling!See...always smiling!! haha, he cracks us up!He was having fun exploring my mouth. Apparently he thought my tongue was supposed to be yanked on! hahah

Everyday while they were here it was so beautiful..very hot and sunny! Well Thursday we decided to go to the beach and of course it was pretty much raining, but Keven wanted to get in the water no matter what. I couldn't decide if I wanted to, but I wore my swimsuit just in case. So when we got to the beach, Keven was like a little kid and jumped into the water. I thought it would be a good time to take pictures of the cute family so I grabbed my camera and was shooting like a mad woman UNTIL....
I was taking this picture and all of a sudden the water came up so fast took me and Lisa down and we were balancing Sawyer on our head! haha, or not...but the water did get our pants all wet and knocked down the stroller with Keven's dry clothes on it and Lisa's purse catching a little water and sand! Our sandals started drifting away so Lisa ran after them. It was pretty good. The best part is when Tyson said, "You're pretty funny God!" :) I love Heavenly Father's sense of humor! So of course I had to join my lovely handsome husband in the water. It was freezing at first but ended up being so warm and so nice! I love swimming when it's all rainy and the waves were SO much fun!!
After swimming we went to Smokey Mo's on Maine St. (thanks for introducing us to that place Jenn and James!) It was so good!!

hahahahahahaha. that's all I have to say! okay...i'll say a little more....That hot lipstick I have on is called Smokey hot...I think I was gagging when I tried licking it off...too much sauce on the ribs for me. Keven apparently did not think the same as I did!Sawyer thought those brown dots on the table were pieces of meat or something. haha, it was pretty funny because he'd try picking it up and then he just slammed his face down and started sucking.
We took these pictures on a timer believe it or not! I think they turned out pretty dang good! Look at Sawyer...he couldn't get enough of Kev! Thanks again for coming guys! By the way...you look way pretty in this picture Tyson! (Lisa you look pretty good too!) :)


Lisa said...

Aaaaaaahh! We had so much fun visiting you. But it only made me realize even more how much I miss you guys being around. I miss you! Sawyer misses you (and Keven, of course)! Thanks for being such awesome friends and letting us end our vacation in style at your apartment. Hopefully we'll make it out there again someday - and get a little more SUN and a little less SOAKED at the beach!

Mari-eggo said...

HEY we come to visit you guys! : )infact we made the last 2 visits, now it's your turn! lol yay we're going camping tomorrow!

carolyn & charlie said...

how much fun! gosh i really miss the beach

katiegrinder said...

i wanna come visit!!!