Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jocelynn's Birthday Party

Monday, October 6th: Today was Jocelynn's birthday party! Yes, these blogs are ALL about Jocelynn! The family got together at a park (we missed you Jamie!) We had pizza and chips and fruit and just hung out. The guys played catch and wiffle ball. The kids played on the playground and I just well..I just starred at the kids. haha, how creepy does that sound?! No, I played with them is what I meant to say! :) Our nephew Christian was a crack up because he was running up the hill to where we were at. We were screaming his name for him to come over to us but then when he got to the top of the hill, he saw that there was a HUGE park! He looked at us and then looked at the park. He did this like 5 times and finally charged for the park! haha, it was so funny! He loves parks and it's impossible to take him away so we just let him have fun! :) It was a lot of fun getting with the family! Happy birthday Jocelynn!!
Jenn (my sister) made a cute little cake for Jocelynn. At first she wasn't sure what to do with it. She observed it for awhile. Everyone was standing around so it made her question what was going on even more! We stuck her hands in it to see if that would help but she just kind of looked disgusted and kept moving her fingers around it. haha! So we gave her a fork and then she realized that she was suppose to eat it. She dropped the fork and dove in! I wanted to push her head in so bad, but I think I would've been knocked out by my brothers and sisters. You know how funny that would have been though?! HAHA...sorry, i'm a little rough with the little ones! :)This is the BOMB cake my sister made. She is such a good cook and this cake was one of the best cakes I've had in a long time! Good job Jenn!
Here's Jocelynn and I...she took a break from grubbing that cake!
Here's the cute little family
Here's some of the girls...we are missing the inlaws and Jamie...the in laws were probably chasing the boys at the park! :)Ha..nice face Jenn! :) I think Jocelynn had some cake on her lip that she was licking off! :) I think Jocelynn was more fascinated with the present from Jamie then taking a picture!

Here's the newest nephew Preston with Grandpa. He is so cute and such a chill baby! (Preston is a pretty cute baby too! haha...just kidding dad! :) )


carolyn & charlie said...

oh your family is soooo CUTE!! it's also good to see pics of my old bishop, your dad!!

Jill Duncan said...

She is so cute!!! I love all of your cheesy comments- they crack me up! :) oh, and I love the picture of her licking the cake off of her lips, it's too cute!!!!

p.s. I'm still waiting for an invitation to come and see your beautiful home, and hang out!! :)

Lindsay is coming down this weekend- maybe we can all get together, do you guys have plans?

The Ward Family said...

I love that you were staring at the kids :) I can just see you sitting there with a big cheesy grin. I do the same thing :) Too bad someone didn't get that on camera. hahaha

Lisa said...

Thanks for letting us come to the party. Sawyer is totally in love with Jocelynn, I know it! She's all he talks about (I'm pretty sure). That cake was so good, too.