Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jocelynn's 1st Birthday!

Saturday, October 4th: Beautiful Joceylnn's birthday! (I know I am WAY behind...but I have been wanting to do everything in order!) So anyway, our neice Joceylnn turned 1 years old on October 4th. I was so lucky to watch her that evening. She is so funny and is really smart. She knows 9 or so word in sign language! She says like 16 or so words also and it's so cute the way she talks. She is walking everywhere! Saturday night the boys were at the priesthood session and Jenn was cooking for her business and I jumped on the fact I could watch the little one! We had so much fun and by the end of the night she was so tired. It was so cute because I was
feeding her a little yogurt snack so she wouldn't be hungry in the middle of the night and she would dose off while I was feeding her. Then she just laid on me and fell asleep. She wasn't fighting it at all! She is so special and we love her so much! Keven and I stayed the night at Jenn and James and was able to be with them ALL day Sunday too! You better believe they were SO excited for that! :) haha, I love this picture! Look at her cute little legs! James mom sent a present for her birthday...she's not sure what to do with it. This is Jocelynn showing off her new clothes that her Grandma Sally (James' mom) got her! I love this picture! James and Keven were playing XBox and Jocelynn kept hitting "Daddy" on the back. She apparently found XBox VERY amusing...just like her dad! :)

We love Jocelynn so much! She is such a special little girl. She is so observant! She always wants to know what's going on and will make sure she sees EVERYTHING. We are so happy to be a part of her life!

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I love those pictures you have. I'll have to download some.