Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh thy ducks art so mighty!

Friday, October 3rd: You may be questioning what we did that involved the mighty ducks? No? I thought that was a clever title..I guess not! :) Linh from our work has season tickets to see the Anaheim Ducks. It was SO much fun! We hadn't ever been to an actual NHL game, so it was a fun little date! Thanks so much Linh! We knew how much our friends, Mariela and Diego love NHL so we thought it would be perfect to take them. We met up at Panda Express before the game, (for those of you that don't know...I LOVE PANDA so I was quite on the excited side!) After getting our grub on, we headed to the Honda Center. We had such a blast! Anaheim Ducks beat the Phoenix Coyotes 4-1!! I think the Coyotes were a little P.O'd because they started 3 fights! Needless to say...we finished it! You can't go to a hockey game without a fight and we got THREE! After the game, we went back to our place and went in the hot tub for awhile. It was so nice and relaxing and we were so happy they were able to come with us! We definitely need to do it again!

The four of us...well five if you consider Diego's creepy eyes! :)

There..his eyes popped back into the correct place! I love this picture of them! See Diego, you aren't so creepy after all! :)
ha...I guess Diego rubbed off on Mariela...haha, lovely face Mariela..just lovely!

Fight #1 Fight #2
Fight #3Ah! The eyes are back! hahahahaha
The hot babes...Diego is pointing to the "Honda Center" sign...yea, we were there!


Darin and Betsy said...

It looks like you had lots of fun! I love how you did your apartment too! Off the subject, can you give me michelle's new number?

Mari-eggo said...

Heh heh! Silly kids! Let's go climbing!