Thursday, July 4, 2013

Roosevelt :Memorial Day 5/27, Golfing 5/15 to 5/19,etc

We drove out to Roosevelt on the 15th of May til the 19th of May.  Kev had a golf tournament with his dad then, so we decided to make it a trip.  Well, what happened on our way down? We (or I) hit a deer! It was one of the scariest times of my life.  It was at night, driving on country roads can be pretty dark and a semi was coming our way so the lights were really bright.  All of a sudden, at that instant thatI could only concentrate on what was in front of me, the deer jumped out from my side.  I hit it, ran over it and then the car started turning and I was driving into the semi.  My thoughts as I felt Kev's hand on my shoulder "please truck, drive faster!"  We barely missed it by about 5 feet, turned again, back into our lane and went off the road where we slid for about 10 feet going sideways and we came to a stop.  It was amazing how much emotion came over me thinking of everything that could have happened.  The deer we hit was a baby, but what if it was an elk?! Or what if we did hit the tail end of the semi?  Or what if when we slid, the car rolled?  Or what if there were other cars on the road that we could have hit? Anyway...needless to say, I was a bit jumpy the rest of the way.  Kev had to drive (I usually drive because I get car sick) and we finally made it to Roosevelt.  I had nightmares all night and thankfully, Z had no clue what was going on.  After we came to a stop, she looked at us like "uh, why are we stopping?" Thankfully, the car only had cosmetic damage and we are still able to drive the car.  Kev actually went to a junk yard and found a light that he put back into place.  So even though the door clicks when we open it because of the dent, I'd take that happily over something worse! are some other pics of the weekend: Z drove the golf cart for the first time and loved it, and then we went back the following weekend for another golf tournament and Memorial Day.  It was an awesome two weeks of hanging out with family and many BBQs! :)

 She loved this birdy

 We took these pics at Grandma and Grandpas tractor.  When I was 36 weeks pregnant, we took pics on it so I thought it would be fun to take some with Z now :)

 She loves to help with Laundry and actually does really good.  While I'm moving clothes from the dryer to our room, she puts the wet clothes in the dryer and the dirty in the wash.  She knows exactly what buttons to push.  I love doing laundry with her and sometimes will wait for her to wake up from her nap to help me. :)
 The damage (and yes, that is deer hair)

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