Saturday, October 20, 2012

LET'S GO JAZZ!! 10.12.12

Tis the season folks!!! That's is back!! The first home preseason game was last Friday, Oct. 12th vs. Thunder.  Kev's dad, Bruce, has amazing tickets with his company but at the last minute, they became open.  So he called to see if we wanted to go.  OF COURSE!! Even better...these tickets were hardly EVER available because they were on the 1st row! (4th row technically because there is row A, B and C).  It even came with a VIP meal before and during halftime snacks.  SO good!  Here's Kev and Z before the fun began!  And yes, that chocolate cake was as good as it looks!! Z even got to sport her new Jazz bow I made for her (and then I wore it when she kept taking it off her head!)
 Z was so excited and let everyone around her know it. :)

 When they turn off the lights in the beginning, we were curious of what she was going to do.  I was thinking they were going to have fireworks, but I forgot they don't do that for preseason games. She was so fascinated with it all!

 She was amazing the whole time.  There were kids that were around and Z just loved having them there.  By the 4th quarter i was a little nervous at how she would be because she usually goes to bed around 8:30-9:30 and that was right around that time.  Well.  She was in my lap and just fell asleep.  Closed eyes and didn't make a peep.  SUCCESS!!! The last time she came to a game, she was 3 months, so this time was a test to see if she would be able to handle it.  I don't know why I even questioned.  People, lights, and loud noises...Z LOVES IT ALL! Phew! Can't wait til next game now!!