Sunday, June 3, 2012

Visiting California- 5/10-5/16

 Here are some more pics while I was in Cali.  it was such a nice vacation to spend with family and friends.  We went to my sister's quite a bit and Zealynn was a "hit!" :)

 We went swimming at my parent's house.  It was soo beautiful!
 Z was loving being under the shade.  We dipped her feet but it was pretty cold so she just hung out and was  perfectly content which made Mommy even more content since I got to lay out on the raft in the pool! :)
 I had to take a pic of Jocelynn with these goggles.  She was cracking me up with these things. lol

Eventually Z passed out.  She was so comfortable, never made a peep! :)
 She still loves those toes!
 I went on Mon. May 14th to see my best friend, Malloree.  We lived 5 houses away from each other in Ontario and were inseparable!  Our parents were friends before we were born, so she has been my longest friend.  So happy that we got to see each other!
 She has two girls so here we are...I should find an old pic of when we were little.  It was so much fun!
 Z always does these "crunch" positions.  They crack us up.  I swear she's going to have a 6 pack soon! :)
 On Sat. May 12th, Jocelynn has her first race!  My sis, Jenn did a 5k and the kids ran a 1k.  She did so good and we were all so proud of her!

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