Sunday, June 3, 2012


It was my first Mother's Day on May 13th!  Kev had left for New York with his brothers on the 10th (later post for that) so I got to enjoy this time with my baby girl, mom, and grandma.  The Saturday before (12th), my mom made a big Thanksgiving dinner and had family over to hang out and swim and eat and Sunday we had leftovers so we didn't have to prepare anything on Mother's Day! :)  Sunday morning was perfect and Zealynn was extra cuddly! I think that was her present to me! :)  After church, we took some generation pictures which I LOVE!! Zealynn definitely knows where to look when the camera is out! (I think she has experience!) :)  So grateful for this blessing of being a Mommy to my beautiful baby girl.  She makes me (and her daddy) SO happy! 
 I'm so grateful for my Mom and the example she is to me.  She serves all those around her and I'm grateful for her dedication and service to the Lord.
 I'm grateful for my Grandma Lane.  She will be 88 this year and she is such a sweetheart...always wanting to serve and help others!

And even though I don't have a pic up in this post....I'm so grateful for my mother in law..Carla.  I feel very blessed to have her as my 2nd Mom.  She is so amazing and I'm grateful for the relationship that we have.

Thanks to my sisters (in laws included) and for all the examples of Motherhood.  I'm still learning, but I hope to be the best Mommy my baby girl could ask for!

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