Saturday, November 19, 2011

Utah Baby Shower Sat. Oct. 29th

My sis Jamie through me a beautiful baby shower on Sat. Oct. 29th!! I absolutely loved it! She put so much time into everything and did just a wonderful job! I love the pink, black and white theme and Zebra! so fun! I swear we were seeing zebra and pink every where we went after that shower! :) These cupcakes looked so awesome! We had lunch there...thanks to all the family who brought side dishes too!! We really appreciated it!

She held it in our Clubhouse in Pleasant Grove. It was a perfect setting! Kev put the streamers up, of course, what other girl would be able to reach that high, or even dare to try it?! :)

These little boxes were so cute! They were filled with kisses and hugs.

Aren't they cute? Kiley, Kev's sister and Jordyn, my neice. (6 months a part)

Some of my lovely friends! love you girls so much!

Look how beautiful this diaper cake is! I don't ever want to take it apart! And the cute bows! Jenni, Haley and Sarah did such a great job!!

I was 32 weeks and 2 days! Baby girl is growing! :)

My friend Laura! She is due 10 DAYS AFTER ME! Love how different every pregnant woman carries her baby! She is having a boy and looks so tiny to me! Would you believe that that night she started having contractions and was in the hospital for 10 days because they wouldn't stop!! Thankfully the little man stayed put...but she's on bed rest now. :( Looks like she's having him before me now! love you Laura!

My friend Brittany! She just found out she's having a boy too!

My old roomies!!! Love these girls!!! so grateful they came!! We had some fun times at Utah State!!

Here's Kev taking down his work of art after the shower. Good job Kev! It looked beautiful! :)

My friend Becca and little man Kai! She had him 5 weeks early! so crazy!!

My cousin Katie!

My wonderful sis Jamie!! Thanks so much for putting this on for me! Everything looked amazing!! Speaking of amazing....doesn't she look it?! she's got FIVE kids people!! way to go Jaims!

Bahaha! This pic cracks me up! We were laughing because....well I am tall if you don't know me. My sis is smaller. We were both wearing heels...but I love how my belly is almost to her neck! ha!

So happy for our baby girl!!

We're almost PARENTS!! AH! wahoo!!!!!

Some of the Todd familia!! (Great) Aunt Steph, (Great) Aunt Betty, (Grandma) Carla, (Great) Grandma Todd, Kev, me, (Great) Grandma Johnson, (Aunt) Kiley, and (Great) Aunt Brigitte! THAT is a LOT of GREAT WOMEN! :)

Soon to be cousin and Aunt! (Jordyn only has one other girl cousin on our side out of 10 her and Jocelynn are pretty excited to have another girl!) :) btw...I'm not sure if I mentioned this before...In my family the only girls (grandkids) in our family are from the girls first borns. Isn't that crazy?! My two sisters are the only ones with girls and they are the first borns! Which means...if I take after them...looks like she may be the only girl we have!

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