Thursday, November 24, 2011

"Deviled Egg"

After our baby shower, that night we went to our friend's Halloween party. I wanted to take advantage of being pregnant and do something fun as a pregnant woman! Every year it's the same thing...Halloween comes SO fast and we are trying to figure out what we are going to be like an hour before we need to be there! So this is what we went as....."Deviled Egg"....I obviously was the egg and Kev was the devil. :) Zealynn loved when I painted that yellow yoke on me!
Here's the gang!
Oh how I love these girlies!! Sarah, Jenni, me and Haley
My little Jenni from Georgia! Love her! and Haley...laughing on the floor. lol. I think I was pretending that my water broke or something...that's why I am squatting. We were dancing really hard so I think everyone thought that maybe it was going to that night!
Spiders in spaghetti! So fun! :)

Kev hot glued the horns to his head! bahaha!! He was feeling it after he took them out! Luckily there were not bald spots!!Thanks for such a fun night friends!!! :)

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