Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Corona baby shower! 10/8

Sat. Oct. 8th, my mom and sis, Jenn threw me and Zealynn a baby shower!! I was 29 weeks at this shower. It was so amazing! I loved everything about it! They really put so much time and energy into making all the details perfect! I was so overwhelmed with joy and couldn't believe how many of my friends came! I love you all so much and am so grateful to have y ou in my life! I feel so blessed that Zealynn has so many people that already love her!! here's some of my besties!! love you girls!!

My mom made these signs! This was hanging above the dessert table. everything was "sprinkled with love"...

cute little outfits on all the tables!

My little Jocie!! She was such a big help! She stuffed all those cute baby shoes my sis made out of paper with kisses!! so cute!

My mom made this cupcakes!! So yum!!

And these pretzels!!

I'm obsessed with baby shoes...paper or not! :)

Cake lollipops!

Zealynn has a weird mom! :)

We were watching Zealynn on the ultrasound...she was sucking her thumb and yawning! :)

My besties from high school! thanks for coming!! and look at India's little man! ah! so cute!

My Grandma

Some friends from my old work at Ceridian!

My sis Jenn!!

My best friend Malloree and her daughters and her mom Janet...we grew up with each other!!

me and my lovely mom!! :)

Some of the girls in the fam!

My sis in law Rachel

Love this pic of the (3 1/2) generation! :) I had such a good time at the shower and was so blessed with so many gifts for Zealynn. We really appreciate everyone's sacrifices and can't wait to introduce our baby girl to the world!! Less than 7 weeks til she's here!!! (If she is on time!)

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Jessica, the last pic you posted is so sweet!