Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My 26th and visiting Grandma Gloria

For my birthday this year (May 10th), it was a very relaxed day. I wasn't feeling good at all so I just watched movies until Kev got home. Then we just went to Cafe Rio for dinner when he came home from work. Such a special day to be with my love. :) My family came up for our nephews baptism (more of that to come). My brother and sister in law and the kids stayed with us on Thurs. June 2nd and then we went to Grandma Gloria's in Logan on Fri. June 3rd. My Grandma Gloria found out in Feb. 2011 that she had cancer (it has spread to multiple areas). She has always been such a positive person and although she is in pain, she still has so much faith and happiness. She is such a special woman. I was able to live with her for about a year while in college and have some awesome memories and stories with her. She took off her hat to show the greatgrand kids that she didn't have any hair. She wanted to teach the kids about her cancer and that she was still smiling.

Jenn, Grandma and me

Dad and his mom

Some of the great grand kids

Some of the grand kids. We love you Grandma!

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Josh and Kaleena said...

It's rough having a grandma with cancer. But, being optimistic, my grandma has been in remission for a couple years now, and I swear she's stronger than ever!