Saturday, January 8, 2011

The forgotten Carols and Christmas decorating

On Friday, December 3rd, I went to "The Forgotten Carols" with Bruce, Carla, Kiley, Mariah, Laura and Trev. Kev had to work that night, so he wasn't able to come. It was such a beautiful story and a beautiful play. I was really I was able to go. They spent the night that night and we just hung out Saturday morning. After they left, we went to look for our Christmas tree! I absolutely LOVE looking for Christmas trees! It brings me back to when I was younger and the tradition of looking for a real tree as a family! We found the perfect tree! It was an 8 footer and perfect shape and smelt amazing!! We were really excited and I even got us a discount on the tree! :)
I love decorating for Christmas, because Kev enjoys it also. He is so cute and loves making everything perfect. He always does the lights and the garland on our counter and he is really good at it too! These pics are really blurry...but you get the point...we had fun! :) Every time we walked into that room it smelt like heaven!! Too bad you can't leave it up all year long!!

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