Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas with the Todd's

This year for Christmas, we had it at the Todd's. Since Trev has been on his mission the past two years, this was a special Christmas since we were all together. The whole last half of December was awesome though because I got to see some of my family too!! My parents came up on the 17th to the 24th to see us, my Grandma and Jamie and her family. We hung out all day on saturday when they passed through Salt Lake which was a lot of fun! Then that Sunday, Jason, Rachel and the boys came up! They were going to come up to have their first White Christmas at Jamie's. We were so happy that they were able to stay with us for a couple days also!! Tuesday, Jason, me and Bryan (who came in that Tuesday also) all went night boarding. It was so awesome!! I love this time of year and all the family you get to see (we missed those we didn't get to see though!) :( So I had Friday off of work for Christmas Eve and also that Monday....and also I was able to take off for two weeks (more to come on what we did for those two weeks in the next post!!) We picked up Dana from the airport Friday morning and we headed to Roosevelt for Christmas festivities to begin!!This is on the Todd's Christmas tree....I love this saying!Christmas eve we got to open a present! I guess it was a tradition in the Todd family to get whatever favorite cereal they the tradition continued!! I got these sweet new kicks from my parents and I absolutely LOVE them!!! I've been eyeing these babies for a VERY long time! Thanks Mom and Dad!Here's kind of a funny wrapping job, I know. But Kev actually had his gun and he knew this present was a scope from my parents...he actually mounted it...but I still wanted to wrap it because it was for Christmas that he got it!:) Thanks Mom and Dad! Kev is in love with this thing! :)

I love my Jazz jersey!! It's D Will's number and I LOVE IT!! :) Carla got a new Tom Tom GPS from everyone.
Bruce got an XBOX and a Tiger Woods golf game that now Kev is madly in love with.

Kev got a new 12 gauge Remington 870 shot gun for Christmas also. He was in heaven and it is actually a very sweet gun!

After we opened presents, we got ready and headed to Rush and Shanalee's. We continued the tradition since Kev was young to go to Aunt Pauline's house. Unfortunately Aunt Pauline passed away two years ago, but we were very grateful to carry on the tradition and have a very wonderful breakfast!!

Afterwards we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Todd's house. We love them so much!!

Sunday, we had a wonderful church meeting and kiley (Kev's little sister) sang a beautiful musical number. We took family pictures after church (which it started snowing very hard and was very cold!) but for some reason, they aren't uploading so I'll have to upload those later.

Monday, we went to the Jazz game that night. It was so much fun and I got to sport my new Jazz jersey!! That night we went to Bruce and Carla's hotel and hung out and Tuesday we went to the temple and went out to eat. It was such a great way to spend the holidays!! Thanks Todd family for being so wonderful! We love you! :)

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Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

I have always been able to say that for years, "Christmas with the Todd's". I actually still can becasue of my rents...ha ha ha