Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camping at Flaming Gorge

Friday June 25th to Sunday June 27th: Kev and I were decided to get away for some alone time. Thursday, I called Kev from work and said, "let's go camping this weekend." So that's what we did. It's really nice to be able to do that right now. So Friday after work, we got everything packed and headed up to Flaming Gorge. It's about an hour and a half from Roosevelt, but I have never been. Kev use to be a river guide right after high school and would go on a lot of scouting events here. I was really excited. We had some idea of what we would do, but nothing set in stone. When we first got there, we just kind of drove around to check out the area. And then we drove up to the look out point of Flaming Gorge. It was beautiful.
The Flaming Gorge Dam out in the distance.Friday night, we drove and found a sweet camp ground called "Firefighters Memorial." This was our view and there was no one there! It was so peaceful!!
Then Saturday, we actually slept in...I've never done that while camping because it usually gets really hot and I end up waking up at 6:30am. But this time...we slept in until like 9! The weather was beautiful...not too hot and not too cold! Now to tell of our exciting Saturday....Kev and I wanted to go kayaking down the Green River. We weren't sure if the kayaks were still available, so we drove and found a spot that had a two many kayak. Well, you are suppose to have a vehicle at the bottom and the top of the river so you could have a ride. If you didn't have that, people pay $50 to have a shuttle pick you up. Kev's response? "We're frugle. We'll walk." haha...i loved it!! Especially when the ladies said, "No! I would totally not do that! That is such a long ways and you have to bring the kayak with you! No one has ever done that! It would be worth it to spend the money." So after she said was an even more reason to do it! They didn't think we could! Now we had to prove ourselves! So we stuck the kayak in our magnum (Which is the best vehicle ever! They never stuck a kayak in a vehicle before either...only put it on top of it!) So there we were...driving to the bottom of "Little Hole" with a 90 lbs 11 foot long kayak in our trunk. Who wouldn't smile?!

This was our break at the 2 mile marker. We probably held it for about 2 miles...but it was awkward and you couldn't walk as we decided to lift it up and put it on our heads. We walked like that for about 5 miles.

A little after the third mile, we stopped for a lunch break. A very needed lunch break! Then we finally made it! It took us about 3.5 hours. The last 2 miles were probably the hardest because our necks were hurting caring the thing. So we took more breaks. But all in all...we are glad we did it! It tested our physical abilities and we were proud to say we were the first ones to do it! Everyone coming down the river were routing us on!
Coming down the river was heaven. It wasn't huge rapids or we just coasted down and enjoyed the scenery. I can't imagine going Kayaking down big river rapids! I've only been rafting...any slight movement, the kayak would tip or get completely covered!
I took about 50 pics like was a hard angle! :)

Oh the beauty!! Kev and I just love going to places like this. I love seeing nature and what Heavenly Father has given us. We truly are so blessed!! There are so many beautiful things in nature that is just an hour (or less sometimes) from our homes....our goal is to take advantage of that! Even though we would LOVE to go to Tahiti...there are still beautiful things nearby! Anyone reading this....try looking for those beautiful places near your homes!!


Julia Holmes said...

How fun! Looks beautiful. You guy always do the coolest thing. Grant and I ned to be more adventuous like you guys :).

Hope said...

I love that you guys carried your kayak. That is hilarious. We did the green river once. It was a two day trip, though. It's awesome down there! I heard you have been to Logan without stopping to see me! It's all good. Hopefully we'll see you sometime. We miss you!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I love, love, love how hard you play! Keep it up! You inspire us to be more like the old us! Can't wait to see what your next adventure brings you! Love also that you carried your kayak all that way, ha you guys rock!

Momberger said...

You two are so cute!!!!