Saturday, January 3, 2009

I love Christmas!!!!!!

Christmas Eve Keven and I went to Corona to be with the family. My sister Jamie and her family came down from Wyoming for the holidays. We were all so excited to see them. Keven and I were in traffic for 2 1/2 hours Christmas Eve ( wasn't fun!) By the time we got to my parents, we had a wonderful Ham dinner! Thanks Mom! We just hung out with everyone Christmas Eve. The grandchildren got pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa and opened them that night. They all looked SO cute! Here's Micah and me. That's my shirt, but his pajamas were matching so we had to take a picture! He's getting so big! Here's some of the grandkids. We missed Chrisitian and Preston that night! The kids were SO excited for Santa to come the next day! They were so cute and it brought me back to my childhood! My sisters and I were really hyper that night wrapping presents. It was pretty funny! Keven, James and Chad stayed up until about 2 am Christmas Eve playing XBOX. They don't do it that often, so I'm glad they get to spend some quality time together! :)

Christmas Day was a lot of fun. We woke up at about 6:30am or so because Jocelynn was just so excited for Christmas! :) We stayed the night and so did Jamie and her family and Jenn and her family. When the kids came downstairs, their faces were priceless!

After opening the presents we had a wonderful breakfast and just relaxed. Christmas night everyone came over. There are 21 of us (12 adults and 9 grandchildren) plus my Grandma, Uncle Bill, Aunt Monica and Uncle Doug. It was quite the fiesta! My parents got the Wii for Christmas, so that was a lot of fun for the whole gang to get involved with! We had a wonderful Christmas dinner that consisted of Turkey and all the fixins! Keven and I got to talk to his brother Trevor who is on his mission in Japan. He's been in Japan since November, so it was exciting to be able to talk to him for an hour about the culture and how he has been doing. He has truley been blessed with the gift of tongues too! It was awesome!
It seemed like the present of the holiday were guitars and dragons. A lot of the kids got guitars and so they started a band called "The Rockers." It was pretty funny because they were rockin to "Jingle Bells". They are all SO cute!

Keven and I before opening presents...the second time.
Our very happening Grandma Lane. Would you believe that she is 84 and killin us on the Wii. She was hilarious!
This Christmas my sister Jamie brought up the idea of reinacting the "Nativity Scene." We all thought it ould be such a great idea considering the kids are getting a little older (well some of them) and we wanted them to understand the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Jamie and I sang "This is the Season" (that primary song) and the rest of the kids and some adults were the characters in the story. I was so impressed of how much they got into it. I loved the costumes! It was such a special event and I know our Savior and Heavenly Parents were smiling at how cute they all were! :) Here is Tyler (one of the cattles) and Aiden and Dylan (shepherds).

James, Jason, Chad and Keven. Jason was Joseph and the other 3 were the wise men. They all did awesome! I was very proud!Here is when the show ended. It was so cute! The other adults either taped it, photographed it or directed it. It was quite amuzing!
My sisters, my Mom and my Grandma. I love this picture!Christmas was so awesome this year. We love being able to spend time with the family. All though we weren't able to be with the Todd family, we were grateful that we were able to be with them for Thanksgiving. I absolutely love this time of year. I am so grateful for baby Jesus and for the power he had and the grace that he had at such a young age. We are so blessed to have the Savior in our lives. He truly is the Redeemer of the World. I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas!


April and Wes said...

You make me want to cut my hair... you look great. Um Jan. is actually quite busy, as we have a vacation semi-planned, but Feb as of now is quite open. ;) Let's talk.

Hope said...

How come you always look so stinkin good? I miss you girlie! Love ya!