Sunday, January 4, 2009

A glimpse of family pics...more to come!

Keven and I left Christmas night because we had to work on Friday. The day after Christmas, we went back to my parents house to take family pictures (part 1.) We had formal pictures that night in my parents living room. Then the majority of the family got babysitters and we went to the Redlands temple for a very beautiful session. It brought me back to two years ago when we were all together for the first time when I went to the temple. I can never forget that special night! I don't have pictures of that night, but I will post them when I get copies of it. Then Saturday we went to Laguna Beach (our absolute favorite beach!!) We took pictures down there and it was so much fun. I only have pictures from my camera, so hopefully I will get the real ones sometime and I'll post those. It was such a beautiful day. We hadn't taken actual family pictures outside of a wedding. AND no one was pregnant this time so I think everyone was happy with that! :) Keven and I took our engagement pictures at Laguna Beach, so it's fun to compare the pictures with each other and see the change of two years!This picture was the absolute sweetest shot ever. The sunset was breath taking!I took this picture without Kev knowing. Yes, he is hot! :)The photographer putting each family into position. I had to take a quick shot of some of the families before we had to sit down...We had individual family pictures also. I'm excited to see the actual photographers pictures!After the beach, we went to Graziano's in Corona. The kids had fun and the pizza is so bomb there! We played some games and the best game was deal or no deal! The kids had fun doing the racing games!


Whit said...

Why is your family so cute?! I can't handle it.

Kade and Kaylee said...

Hey Jess!! So good to hear from you! You look so cute, I love the short hair! Your family is all so cute too! So what's new with ya? Where are you working and stuff?