Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving in Utah!!

Thursday, November 27th to Wednesday, December 3rd: Okay, I know I am lame, but that's okay...we all are sometimes in this blogging world! :) haha...what a good way to start this blog off! I am so behind (not really, but to me I am)...but I am determined. I swear, I either take way too many pictures of every little detail in our lives...or Kev and I are freakin cool! I would like to think the latter! :) So here I go...I know you all have been waiting in anticipation for our Thanksgiving away we go.................

It all started Thursday morning we flew to Utah to spend Thanksgiving with Keven's family. We flew in Thanksgiving morning (it was about $200 cheaper to fly that day) and drove Keven's Grandma and her husband to Roosevelt (Where Keven is from). It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Salt Lake or so and we were so tired, but we got to stop in Heber on our way there. The cool part was my sister Jamie and her family were driving to Provo so we met up at the gas station there to see each other and give our loves and so forth. Here are some of the cute babies! (some of them are our big babies!) As soon as we got out of the car it was so cute because the kids just ran to us! Dylan was hugging Keven for like 15 minutes and wouldn't let him go! They were grubbin on the corn dogs (they are bomb at the gas station by the way!) So we just hung out and watched them eat and talked and then we went our seperate excited to see them for Christmas! YES!
Jordyn and me
Jaeger kept dropping his dog. He was so funny!
Jamie, Chad and Jaeger
My big sis! (well..kinda) :)
Keven with the boys. haha, we wanted Jaeger to look..hence Keven proping his face. haha!

So then we arrived in Roosevelt! It is always so nice to see everyone! The grandparents were there and the siblings...except Trevor. He's serving a mission in Japan right now...we really missed him! Keven cut the Turkey and oh it was all so good! I LOVE Thanksgiving! The food is always the best!

Grandma Johnson, Dana (sis in law), Carla (mom in law), Kiley (sis in law), Grandma Todd and ME!Check out the one on the right! oh man..he's so dreamy!!! :) The incredibly good looking Todd men! (minus Trev)The Turkey said, "Stick a fork in me...I think I'm done" that's what Kev did. :)

There was so much to be grateful for this usual. The Gospel, our family and friends. Our temple marriage, our life, our country, our jobs...and the list goes on! We have truely been blessed!
Friday, November 28th: What's a Roosevelt trip without shootin' guns?! Oh did we ever! We go up to the Todd Ranch and go shooting. It was SOO much fun! Bruce (Keven's pops) has a 9mm glock, 22 rifle, 3030 and the shot gun. We also had some bow and arrows. Okay, if you haven't shot one of about a thrill! The 9mm is sweet because...well it's just a beauty. Actually...check out my hit. Almost a bulls eye! (and no, I wasn't 2 feet away!) So then I shot the 22 rifle. That thing cracked me up! It looked like it was going to hit to hard and have this big "kaboom" but barely let out a roar! I called it the rifle with "little man syndrome." He thinks he's all tough and mighty...and then when he's like a 3 yr old girl. So then I moved on to bigger and better and shot the 3030. Holy crap that thing is like a lion! ha! Seriously, the last time I shot that thing I almost fell back because it kicked me so hard! But this time I was a little more prepared and LOVED it! And then...I did what I never have done before! I shot the shot gun! Now, this gun looks super intimidating, but actually the 3030 is way worse! you should see the bullets for the 3030! They were insane!

Pointing to our "almost bullseye."Okay, this is the shot gun that made me grin from ear to ear! Why you may ask? WELL let me tell you! So I shot it once to test it out. Then Keven said, okay, now try getting the clay pigeon. He let the thing go...clay pigeon flew...and I nailed it!! It EXPLODED! I was soo excited! My second time with the shot gun and I got it! Okay, now this is probably pure luck...but that's besides the fact! And then...third time I went to hit the target...AND KNOCKED THE WHOLE BOARD DOWN!! Yea, I felt pretty cool! ha!
Have I mentioned that Kev is good at everything? Yea, he hit every single pigeon. That man should be a cop or something! :)The brothers striking a style.

So then we tried this bad boy. hahahahaha.. that should tell you the kind of experience we had. oh my word! Dana and I wanted to try the bow and arrow. I've never done it before but didn't think it would be that hard...i mean, you just pull your arm back like they do on robin hood right? well...i still blame it on the length of my arms being too small for that particular one, but it was ridiculous! We were laughing so hard because we looked like idiots trying to get the dang thing to stretch! Eventually Dana got it so we were all pumped...and then she let go and...well check out her picture. hahahaha! We all had such a blast! Thanks so much for taking us Bruce!

I love going to Roosevelt to see the family because we just hang out, chill, play games and just relax! We went to the Hussey's for game night and played a sweet game called "Snorta"...yea, check it out, it's hilarious!! Then Saturday, November 29th, we were going to go paintballing, but there was a tournament in town and all of the CO2 was out! We were bummed, so we took the guns in the backyard and started building obstacle courses of what we had left for CO2. It was so funny rolling on the ground like we were Jack Bauer! That night, the boys went to the store (Keven got hit on by an 18 year old girl) :) and the girls stayed home and made dinner and helped Ki with the gingerbread house! It was a lot of fun!

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30th!!!!! Why did I capitalize this date you ask? (Yes, I know you all were thinking this and very concerned) WELL It was my love's birthday of course!!! He turned 26!! Time really flew by!! It was such a nice sabbath day to spend with family! We had Keven's fav (Hawaiian Haystacks) and opened a little presents....

I was proud of that bow I made. haha
One of his gifts...1-4 seasonsHe got a little birthday loving from his brother, sister and dad...of course, I had to point and laugh and get my spankings in too!

Carla wanted to see what a great dancer Keven was because we told her we dance in our apartment all the time! It's so funny! I hope you had a very Happy Birthday Keven! Plain and are "simply the best!" You rock! "Let's rock let's rock let's rock!" :) I love you so much!

Monday, December 1st: Oh man, do we love our winter visits! This was a little disheartening because it didn't really there wasn't that much powder, but it was still a lot of fun! We went up to Brighton and man we love boarding! We miss it so much! We miss those days when all we did everyday was board. It brought back so many memories because it's actually the first date Kev and I went everytime we ride the lift, we think about it. And then he tells me how incredibly good looking I am and I blush and then we kiss. haha, jk...we actually just talk about what jump we want to hit. (yea, i know I'm romantic!) After we went boarding, we went out to eat and then to the movies. Bryan, Dana, Kiley and Carla saw Twilight and Keven, Bruce and I went and saw 007. 007 was bomb! I'm not really feeling Twilight right now...maybe when the hype gets over then I'll watch it, but for now...I'll stick to James Bond. ha!

Tueday, December 2nd I got my hurr did by my wonderful amiga Amy Lowe and the boys went golfing. We went to dinner and then Bryan had an intramural basketball game that Keven played in also. I absolutely LOVE watching Kev play basketball...that's probably why he wanted to marry me. I tell him he needs to play more! They did so good...we went into double overtime and ended up losing by 1! oh it sucked. Carla and I wanted to knock one of the other players out! I am scared for our children because I know I'm going to be one of those parent's that wants to hurt any boy that messes with my kids! haha!

Wednesday, December 3rd was our final day. We went to do some shopping and then the girls went to this spa. Oh my gosh it was so sweet! My feet needed some serious TLC so I was so grateful that Carla took us! The pedicure was so great! The boys went to the movies and then we met up later for lunch and to take us to the airport! It was such a great weekend! We love being able to spend time with them and fill so fortunate that we can see them at least every other month. We love them so much! This has officially been the longest blog....and now I'm going to eat ice cream! goodbye!


Sundbergs said...

Looks like an awesome thanksgiving.

The Ward Family said...

Glad you guys get to see them often. I like to read what you did!

Whit said...

Look at you little hottie! I miss you guys dang it! I'll be down there the end of February for Lauren LeDuc's wedding! At least we'll get to play with you guys then!!!

Jill Duncan said...

How awesome, you guys seriously do the funnest things ever!!!! And can I just say you look so cute for being outside 'playing'! :)

-Will you text me your address so I can send you a Christmas card?