Sunday, December 21, 2008


Saturday, December 6th: This was such a fun day! Keven and I were so excited for Christmas this year because this was our first Christmas in our own place! We absolutely LOVE this time of year! (Maybe that's why we got married 5 days later!!!) We went out Saturday and went Christmas shopping. We got a whole bunch of ornaments and different decor for our tree. Then we bought lights and garland and "Christmas smell" candels. Then we went to buy our tree. It was the first tree we saw and we loved it! We picked it up and came home so have so much fun decorating! Keven is so much fun to get decorations with! He actually really likes doing it!!
Here we are at the Christmas tree lot. My hottie of a husband Keven being a He-man!

We brought it in and it smelt like Christmas in an instant! I LOVE IT!

Apparently Keven loved it too!

We have these little red ball stick thingys that go into the tree. Keven was so cute decorating the tree because it needed to be perfect! :)Our little ornaments!

The final result. We just need a topper!

Keven did the garland himself and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!


Rick and Kori said...

Jess! Oh my! I'm so glad that you posted on my blog! If you couldn't tell, my blog is very outdated. I am teaching fourth grade right now and we just moved back to Provo so we are really close to family. Needless to say, we are never home and I never have time to post! But with Christmas break I am planning on updating :) Check it out in the next few days and there should be updates. I really am so happy we got in touch! I have thought about you lots since USU!

The Ward Family said...

It really looks great. I can't wait to get a real one next year.

Amy! said...

YAY for your tree :) So we are coming the 28th-2nd.. Yeissen and I want have a girls night.. (Or couples night.. WHATEVA!!!) Love your guts.. MERRY FREAKIN CHRISTMAS LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whit said...
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Whit said...

Haha. So embarrassing! I love it when you remind me of those times. I totally laughed out loud. I hope you guys have a great Christmas!! We are having a white one here. Love ya! PS I had to delete my first post because I put "have" instead of "having." Anyway, miss you guys, and you better call us next time you're up here!