Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Christian!

Friday, November 7th: Okay, I know this is WAY late! I've been wanting to have everything in order for my blogs, but it apparently takes me awhile to post things! (For example, my last post was for Halloween and it was posted 10 days later...which actually now that I think about it, that's pretty never mind, disregard my previous statement because i know some people who haven't posted in over 3 months!!) :) So anyway, a week ago from today, November 7th...our nephew Christian Jeffrey Kirk was born! He turned 3 years old! We love him so much! He is such a sweet little boy and so hilarious. They had a party for him and his friends, but Keven and I had work so we couldn't make it until later that night. it was so nice to be with him that night. He was cracking us up! He got this tool box and was really enjoying it...especially the goggles. Katrina says he looks like "sloth" from the goonies in the goggle picture, but I was just so happy he looked at me! I don't have any pictures of Christian because they are all looking away from the camera. Now I have TWO so you better believe I am posting it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTIAN! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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The Ward Family said...

I love both those pictures! and I love him. I think of him and just smile.