Monday, September 8, 2008

I am technological updated! woo hoo!

Hello! So today Keven called Tmobile and told them our story. We were so excited to hear that I had an upgrade on my phone and Kev was coming up in a month so they could upgrade it today since it was stolen! So yep..we walked over to that little tmobile store and hooked ourselves up with some $200 phones for $18.99! We were pretty excited. AND considering I didn't and had never had anything but an ear piece that called from A to B...I feel pretty much like the coolest chic around with a camera on my phone! 1.3 megapixels thank you very much! It even has Wi-Fi on it...holla back...even though I won't use it...I still look cool. It's so shiny and non scratchable that I may pull a "Jenn and James Ward" and wrap syran wrap on it so it doesn't scratch! :) Now the good thing for Kev is that he had a cool phone originally so it saved all of his numbers on the internet. As for me, because I had a ghetto brick...I have to find or some how try to remember what everyone's number is. So the moral of the story is to call or text me please so I can call you or text. And if you don't want to give it to me...then that's a shame because I'm the coolest kid on the block! Oh yea..PRISON BREAK IS ON TONIGHT! (just thought I would add that in!) PEACE OUT!


The Ward Family said...

That's why my things are shiny new :)

April and Wes said...

ha ha you are funny. Jess, the connection was there, but I swear we are in the same boat as you... busy busy busy! I swear every weekend is booked until the Mid of October, and things are filling up fast. You know the life of a mormon, busy weekends!