Sunday, September 7, 2008

Date weekend and now NO COMMUNICATO!

Well this last week was a lot of fun. It all started on Thursday. Keven and I haven't been on an "official" date for awhile. We go out of course, but never really call it a date. SO we decided to go to a nice restaurant, which we never really do. We went to Dukes on the beach and it was so nice. We usually don't like spending money on food, we'd rather do an actual event or buy "sporting equipment!" I know, we are weird! Before we went to dinner, we went walking around Maine street. I found this jacket that I want SO bad, but I didn't get it...because well that's me. One day I'll get it. As most of you know, I am not really a shopper and for the most part don't care for it. But then we went to Jack's and saw these wet suits on sale! Keven already has one, but I do not so we decided to get me one so we could be at the beach in the water until it gets dark! So that's what we did, and I absolutely LOVE my billabong wet suit! Here are some pictures of Thursday night!
Keven has been checking out some jackets too.

Keven got the steak and I got the Huli Huli chicken and we do half and half!

Afterwards we went walking on the pier and checked out the surfers. It was quite fun!
Well to continue with the weekend....Friday after work we went to the beach. We live 6 miles away from Huntington Beach so it's SO nice when we just want to hang out for a bit! We had to test out my wet suit. Keven and I have been getting into surfing. Keven got a surfboard from his super parents over Christmas, but with Keven's back...he wasn't really able to function for awhile. He had to build up his back muscles, so now we've been going. It's a short board, which is harder supposedly, but he wanted a challenge. I have been practicing with his board to test out what kind of board I want. It has been so much fun! Friday we were in the water until the sun went down and it was amazing to be out there in the water watching the sunset! We didn't get cold at all!
Saturday: We were REALLY excited for! We made plans to be at the beach the whole day and night! We got there about 1 and didn't leave until it closed at 10 pm. We had so much fun! We laid out, went running, surfing and then came back to end the night with a bon fire. Well let me tell you why the end of the night was a bitter sweet moment! So we headed out to go surfing into the evening. The sun was coming down, it was about 6 or so at night. The waves weren't that great, but we still had a lot of fun. One rides the boogie board while the other is surfing. So we brought my backpack with us while the other stuff (tent, blanket, etc.) was by the fire pit. We brought my backpack because I wanted to take some pictures of us surfing and on our way with the sunset and everything. We ended up having so much fun there that we surfed even after the sun went 8:30pm. It was so much fun!! When we got out, I went to go get my backpack...and SOMEONE STOLE IT! Oooo, I was SO frustrated! I couldn't believe it! All of the pictures that we took that day and our camera..GONE! Not only glasses, my sweatshirt, a skirt, my wrist guards, and both mine and Keven's phones were in there! So yea, we now have no way to get in contact with anyone except for email and blogging! I was so mad! I have never had anything stolen from me! Keven seemed more relaxed about it until I told him the cheese it's were in there! haha! And then when we went to start up the fire, we realized our lighter fluid was there along with our buns for our hamburger patties! Luckily, I didn't have my wallet or Keven's wallet in there or even our keys! I still can't believe it though! We will have to go tomorrow to get phones and in the meantime, I won't be able to put new pictures online. The good news is that we were wanting a new camera anyway, so now it's a bigger reason to get one now. I guess the biggest part that frustrates me is...WHAT"S WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! Why would you take something that didn't belong to you? Keven said, "we should've left a note that said, 'if you steal our bag, just leave the memory card!' " :) Please email me your number and when I get a new phone, I'll be able to put it in there! Let me know if you need my email...or call my phone number and if someone answers say, "give jess her phone back!" maybe that would work?! Other then that...LIFE IS GOOD!


Jill Duncan said...

oh my gosh- that sucks!! I can't believe someone did that, I'm so sorry.

It sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend though- I'm so jealous you live so close to the beach!!!!!

The Ward Family said...

That really sucks!! I know that feeling it is the worst. One time I had been wanting to buy a Victoria Secrets bra so we did and I put the bag down while I was paying for something at Macys and it was stolen right from me!! I was upset too. It was a good thing that your wallet and keys weren't in there.

Josh and Kaleena said...

That sucks! I'm sorry! But I thought you were going to say that it started on fire, so I guess things could be worse! I'm glad you had fun other than that, and it's cool that you guys make it a priority to go on actual dates.