Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seven Peaks June 12th and 13th

We bought the Pass of All Passes this year and I am SOO happy we did.  It was such an amazing deal that ended up only costing $18 for both of us and Z is free.  We have had so much fun and it's for a whole year, so I'm sure we'll just continue.  If we get their early, we'll take turns going on the big kid water slides.  Kev went on one that resulted in probably the biggest air ever!  It was awesome!  Anyway...Z loves the water slides and we've just learned how to keep her above water.  Lately though, she goes under water on her own. Makes it so much fun to go swimming with her.  She doesn't like floaties at all, so we've just been trying to build her confidence in swimming.  So far she's doing really good and will go under water consistently. I love it!

 She loves jumping into the waves and going under.

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