Sunday, July 21, 2013

Randoms of June

Always needs to do something extreme.  lol She rolled the car on Kev and thought "hmm...I'll take a seat on that..."
 then daddy thought "we can make you go higher"...
Then after he brought her down she thought "hey, I know how to stand on this thing!"
 And Z thought, "I'll surprise daddy and jump off"....

 BAHAHAHA...chocolate in your teeth while making a monkey sound is what this face looks like! oh my gosh I was dying.
 Z loves her babies and she loves putting blankets on them and putting them to sleep.  She's going to be an amazing big sister. (no that's not an announcement)

 Loves to color
 This night right after I took her out of the bath and put her pj's on then went to go get some milk, she decided she wasn't done with the bath. (I usually drain it right after, but this time I didn't)

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Sheryl said...

It is so fun to see your delight in Z and being parents!! You are doing a fantastic job!!