Sunday, January 20, 2013

So sleepy

Have I mentioned how amazing Z is? :)  Okay, so I have been working at a gyms kid care since Zealynn was almost 8 months old.  She loves that place.  She has kind of transitioned to just one nap since she was 11 months.  If we were at home for the day then she would take 2 naps and then if we went to work she would hold off until we got home.  This day particularly, she took a nap earlier in the day.  I went to work that night and Kev picked her up after he went to the gym around 7:15.  He took her home and laid her on the bed to change her poopy diaper.  And this is how she was....
And this is after he changed her diaper.  lol love her long legs! :)  Kev said he even cleaned her nose (which she hates) and she didn't move.  He put her down in bed and she slept until 8:30 the next morning (if she goes down earlier than 8 she usually wakes up around midnight to party).  So yea....she was one tired girl! :)

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Korinne said...

Haha! SO cute and funny! Her legs are so long!