Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Z's first football game

Sorry it's taken so long to post...I'm trying to stay on track of getting the family scrapbook plus Zealynn's first year scrapbook done...so when I have time to sit down, I'm doing scrapbooking.  Anyway...a lot of pics of been from Kev's phone now.  It is a lot easier to just snap a quick pic from the iphone then take the camera, so here are some from his phone.  Kev's dad has season tickets to BYU football games, so we like to go with him.  Here's Zealynn's first experience.  It started at 8:15pm...I guess some parents would wonder how their 8 month old would do.  However, lights, noise and a LOT of people means Zealynn is a happy little thing, no matter how tired she is.  (She must be our daughter...she'll stay up if it means she gets to partay!) I love these pics!

 Creeper in the back...aka Trev. lol

The game ended around midnight.  She got tired so I nursed her, but that just gave her a little burst of second wind and she was cheering and screaming everytime someone else did. :) Love you ZZ Bear!

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Rick and Kori said...

These are such cute pictures! Love them! I'm glad you posted. I literally was thinking last night, "It's been a while since Jess posted, I wonder what she is up to?" Glad you are doing well! Z is a doll!