Monday, October 8, 2012

Our 9 month old

ok ok ok i know i've been slacking! I'm sorry! BUT I do have to is nice to see that people actually care! :)  My plan worked! Muahaha! jk..i'm lame.  I've been a lot more busy.  I was working about 40 hours and so when I had time off, i didn't really want to be posting.  Plus, we haven't done anything crazy...except for this last i'll post about that fun trip soon!! In the meantime...I started working at Gold's Gym Kid Care and I love it.  I really do.  Minus the part that I think I am going to get a lot more sick, but I've been getting use to sanitizing a lot more!  I started working there Aug. 15th and I got the job so we could have a little more income, but we wanted me to be with Zealynn.  I'm sure a lot of you stay at home mom's know...when you go from having 2 incomes, the more you have to budget and it's definitely a lot more difficult, but I'm so happy we are on the same page.  It's definitely a sacrifice I'm willing to take for our baby girl.  So yea...I'm able to bring her with me so I get paid for her to socialize and get use to other people.  It's really fun to see her interact with other kids.  And to be honest, she is so amazing there.  She laughs and smiles and screams really high when she's excited (Which is a lot).  She absolutely loves babies. I mean..LOVES.  It's hilarious actually.  She sees a baby and she'll start screaming and make her "O" face and get a huge grin on her face.  If they are in the car seat, she has had a tendency to want to suck their toes. lol.  If the baby is in the car seat she'll crawl up to it and try getting in with them.  She's definitely going to be a great big sister when the time comes. ( announcement!)  So anyway...I did work about 40 hours because I was babysitting a 6 month old, but that was just last month and now I'm just working about 15-20 hours at the kid care.  So grateful for that job.  Gets me up and moving so I don't have an excuse to stay in my pj's.  (although..showering for this job isn't always necessary since I get spit up on and all) :) girl turned 9 months on Sept. 21st! I seriously can't believe it! I know I say that every month, but it's just so amazing to me! To think that in a few short months I'll have a 1 year old doesn't seem possible! So Zealynn's stats are as follows: 

Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz (24.88%...only gained 11 oz in 3 months! she's definitely a busy body now that she crawls and stands! She's just a petite thing and can still wear 3-6 month shirts and skirts)
Height: 29 inches (92.03%...although she went down from 99%, she is still our long little baby! She wears 12 month to fit her in the length, but it has to have a drawstring to fit her in her waist!)
Head: 17.25 inches (49.32%...she seems to have a little head to me, but I think just everything is little! she does have some beautiful thighs and biceps though!) :)  
 She loves to pucker.  cracks us up.
 oh this bum!  she loves to pull herself up and lately it's been in the bath tub.  She thinks it's hilarious to fall back into the duck tub and splash water everywhere.  It is pretty funny.  Especially now that she tries to blow bubbles in the water and instead will get a mouth full. haha She loves bath time.  Whenever I take her clothes off so she's just in a diaper, she crawls to the bathroom and pulls herself up on the tub and starts screaming like "i'm ready!!"

 We've done the cry out method again.  We started again at 6 months and she started sleeping a lot better.  But then, story of every kid's life...they get teeth...or you move to a new place...or they get sick..or vacation...yada yada yada.  She fights sleeping.  I don't blame her though. I think it's in her genes.  Kev and I want to be awake as late as possible.  We love to sleep, but will fight it's not a shock that she is the same way.  There are some days that she'll go down at 8:30 and at 10:00pm she's ready for the party to start. And yes...sometimes we let her.  Those are some fun memories we will always cherish! :)  So we kind of relaxed a little bit because she started pulling herself up at 7 months and would bang her head so hard on the crib she would wake up with major bruises on her forehead.  I felt bad for I wouldn't let her become super hysterical.  Then she learned to get down so we started crying it out again.  She was doing good...only cry for a min then fall asleep...but every now and then there will be a curve ball.  especially since at 8 1/2 months she got her first tooth...and now she has 6!! Yea.. 4 teeth in 2 weeks and then 2 more a week later.  awesome.  she's all drooly and snotty.  and she's still cute!! Do you think I could pull that off?! Probably not!  So anyway...these are some "sleeping" pics after we let her cry.  Notice this first one her foot is at her mouth. lol she loves those feet! :)  Yes, we pulled them out from her, but I dove on the ground when she started moving because I was scared she would wake up. lol
 Love this bum in the air!  Everytime we tried pulling her legs out to get more comfortable, she would pull them back up.

She is such an awesome baby.  She definitely fits right in with mine and Kev's life style.  She likes routines but is good at going with the flow when something changes.  I love how much she shakes her head in the "no" formation...well...for everything.  I mean it.  That's like her "Signature" or something.  If she gets excited she'll shake it so fast, it looks like she'll fall over from being dizzy.  When I walk in the room, she'll crawl after me super fast, but shaking her head, she'll sometimes run into things. lol.  I love when music comes on, she'll stop to listen and sing a very soft tune and then shake her head.  I love how she claps and loves when you clap at her.  She is trying to stand on her own and will hold it for up to 15 seconds.  She loves bananas.  She loves stroller rides and the outdoors.  She is obsessed with her car seat and if I take it out she'll crawl screaming to it and will back herself into it sometimes.  She opens the tupper ware drawer, but now knows where we keep our flour and sugar (uh oh!)  She likes to be barefoot.  No matter how hard I try to put socks and shoes on her feet, she'll kick them off so she can eat them...and then eat her toes.  I love how she waves.  I love how she smiles at me and the way she smiles at anyone.  I love when she nurses the way she touches my face and laughs and smiles if I say something funny or make a funny noise.

There is so much Kev and I love about this little lady.  She makes us so happy and we are so happy that she is part of our family and we get to be with her always!


The Ward Family said...

Like this post! Fun to hear what she's been doing!

Rick and Kori said...

Love this post! She is so cute! I love hearing what her personality is like! So cute that she does the head shake thing!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness those during- and after-bath pictures are so precious. I need to see her again!