Thursday, May 17, 2012

From 1 kid to 4! May 3rd-9th

My brother Jason and sister in law Rach were going to Hawaii.  They asked a couple months ago if they could fly us out to watch their kids.  Uh..yes!!! I was so so excited!  So I flew in May 1st, spent a couple days with my parents and then went to their place to keep up with their routine.  The first night, Kev was still in Utah for work, so it was just me with 4 kids.  It gave me a glimpse of my future...except our oldest will be the girl! :) I'm sure Zealynn was so confused because there were times I just had to put her down and let her cry for...well...a lot longer then she's use to crying.  I'm sure she was like, "uh, what the heck?! I've never had to cry for 30 minutes without any attention!"  The first night, Z didn't go to bed til 11, then she woke up at 1:30am and 4:30am and then Ty, the 5 year old woke me up at 6:15am to start the day off.  They didn't go to bed until 9, but Z didn't get to bed until that was a day full of fun! :)  That was the first time I wanted to go to bed when the kids did!  It was such a fun experience.  I love these boys!  Aiden, the oldest, had school everyday and Ty had preschool every other day.  We had a lot of baseball, catch, kickball, handball, uno, soccer, and just hanging out eating popcorn while watching a movie.  Kev held the fort down on Saturday and took the boys to Ji Jit Zu and Baseball while me and Z went with my Mom and Jenn to time out for women.  I am so thankful for Kev's help!  I think the boys had fun...almost as much as we did! :)  I didn't get much pictures in, but they were so cute I had to grab the camera!  They absolutely love Zealynn and wanted to keep holding her.  Nate (the 2 year old) kept wanting to put her binky in when she would cry.  It was really sweet.  I grabbed the camera after they were just staring at each other in the below pic. 
 They couldn't stop kissing her. (I didn't pose any of this btw!  Ty kept saying "Nate, do this!"...his Mom is a photographer!) :)

 Zealynn is always in a sit up "Crunch" position.  lol
 haha Ty
 Ty wanted to pick up Nate but Nate is very protective over here. lol

 This night Nate kept saying "hi" and she would bust up laughing.  She loves her cousins!
Thanks Rach and Jason for letting us watch the kids! Hopefully it's not the last! :)

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Heidi Broberg said...

Ha ha...that's awesome! That they flew you out and how hard it is. I am only with 3 kids right now and feel like WHOA! Poor....fill in the blank because I am giving my attention to the other one. The baby who needs me screaming or the kinder kid who desperatly needs my time and attention. It's a fine balance that is hard to find that's for sure!!! Cute post!