Thursday, May 17, 2012

4 months- 4/21/12

Our baby girl is getting so big!  On 4/21/12 She turned 4 months! She had her 4 month shots on 4/24.  Poor thing already had a stuffed nose and wasn't feeling the best and I had a bad cough so I couldn't snuggle her the way I wanted to! :( The appointment went well as it could.  She was more fussy because she was hungry, but I wanted to feed her when they were done to calm her down a little so I waited a little bit and she was good afterwards!  Here's our growing baby's stats:

She is still the tallest in her class at 26.5 inches (grew 2 inches in 2 months and is 99.16%)...14 lbs 13 oz (64.11%) and 16 head (51.51%). she's getting so big!
 This pic just cracks me up.  This is how she falls asleep lately.  She absolutely loves her toes and eats and sucks on them constantly.
This pic is just so cute to me!  Watching Aunt Kiley's volleyball game.  The way her height is...she may just have volleyball in her future! :)

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Heidi Broberg said...

Hate seeing those bandaids on them!