Monday, February 27, 2012

Zealynn's Baby Blessing 2/19/12

Zealynn Marie was blessed on Feb. 19th by her Daddy. Her Uncles, Grandpas, and Great Grandpas were also part of her circle. It was such a perfect day. Kev did such an amazing job and I am so grateful that Z has a daddy that uses his Priesthood. We had it President's weekend so the family could spend a little longer up here since it was the holiday. We are so beyond grateful for all of you that made the sacrifice to come to Zealynn's special day. It meant so much to us to have you here. I know I went picture crazy, but it's the only time she'll be in this beautiful dress (thanks Mom for getting it!), so I had to take advantage of it. Of course, I forgot to get a pic of just her by herself and of just us two, but hey...I guess we can crop. :)

3 generations
1st time Grandma
Grandma of 13!
When she sleeps, every now and then she'll give a concerned face. lol
Aw I love it.
Grandpas and Great Grandpas
Uncles, Grandpas and Great Grandpas...all that was in her circle
The Todd siblings (and first time aunts and uncles)
My sisters!!
Kirk girls (missing Katrina)
My bro and Z's cute lip :)
LOVE this pic of Aunt Jenn and Z
Love Z's "Ooo" face. :)

4 generations of Kirks...Grandma Gloria, Dad, me and Z
Kirk Fam (missing Jeff, Katrina, Preston and Christian)
Todd Fam
Aunt Dana and Z (and the cute bow Aunt Jenn made her) :)


Jennifer said...

What a special day! She is so beautiful!

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

SO CUTE and fun.

I just have to say, why is Jordan taller than Jamie...ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Wow...My son's name is ZeaLyn too who is 2 yrs old now and my kids actually came up with his name because I'm from NZ and we wanted a unique name for our son. Then my husband came up with the spelling of his name....It's crazy how popular this Zealyn name is becoming, Lol :-)