Monday, February 27, 2012

Our ballin beauty

When Kev and I found out I was pregnant, we wanted to celebrate with an outfit. We lived at the Gateway in SLC and went to foot locker downstairs ALL the time. Well, we saw this outfit that was the cutest thing ever. There were 2 Air Jordan onesies (a red and black one), red and black booties and a beanie. We fell in love with it and thought that if we had a girl then we would just put a bow on her so she didn't look like a boy. Having her Mommy's and Daddy's blood, no doubt she's going to like basketball. When we got it, it looked so tiny, but it's just barely fitting her now (it says 0-6 months...that's a broad range!) It's still a little long, but for the most part fits her and she makes it look SO good!! Here's our ballin beauty!
Sat night we had some friends over for "Steak Night". Our friend Mark and us have been having steak night every week this month and it's been so much fun. Mark makes the steak (he's REALLY good at it) and we make the sides which usually consist of mashed potatoes and green beans and carrots. We had Bret and Ashley Kobe over to enjoy this (so much cheaper then buying this at a restaurant)! Zealynn got to party with us and we went to our movie theatre afterwards to watch Contagion. It was perfect...she slept the whole time. :)
She looked so cute with the beanie on!

After the movie...she woke up to eat and then fell back to sleep...for 8 hours!! These onesies have special powers! :)

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Sheryl said...

A beauty in alllll outfits!! I bet even in her birthday suit!! Loved the video on FB!! You are blessed!