Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zealynn's first week Dec. 23rd-Dec. 28th

I just realized these are backwards in order. This is from the 23rd of Dec (when she came home) to the 28th of Dec. She was definitely the best Christmas present...made from the heart! :) Here she is at 1 week old with her cousin Jocelynn. They are a little over 4 years apart. Jocelynn was so excited to have another girl cousin! Cousins Carter and Joce and Aunt Jenn. They came up to meet her from Cali! Thanks so much for coming up! We had a blast visiting!
Uncle Trev with Z
I love burping her. Sometimes she's so tired that she just falls asleep in my hands while tapping her on her back. She gets so relaxed it's so cute! And I love squeezing those cheeks!
These boots kill me!! Here she is at 5 days old!
Christmas Night we took some pics (4 days old)

Christmas Christmas ever! It was really relaxed. My parents were with us. My mom made some breakfast, we opened some presents and then just watched NBA the rest of the day with our baby girl. We were in heaven!

She is not one to be swaddled...she likes her hands FREE! Sometimes she'll sleep with her hands up like this! lol

Love these two! She sure loves her daddy!
Christmas Eve we gave her a bath...after her first blow out! That was a fun experience! My mom recorded it...she was not happy. Kev dipped her bum in the water and she screamed. We've learned how to do it since then! :) Kev's favorite thing is to give her baths and now she actually likes it!

She is a thumb sucker!! Of course, we figured since in her ultrasound at 23 weeks you can actually see her stick her thumb in her mouth and yawn. My mom was holding her and she started sucking her thumb. It was so stinkin cute so we had to take pictures, but then she started taking her pointer finger and jabbing her eye, so we decided to give her a binky so she doesn't stab her eye...she takes it every now and then when she's desperate and mommy can't feed her right away!

The night we came home (23rd of Dec.) 2 days old

We are in heaven with out little angel. She is so perfect. She is very chill and pretty much only cries when she's hungry and you are taking too long and when you touch her body with cold hands (definitely our daughter since both me and Kev hate that!) She use to hate her diaper changed because it was so cold, but we have put her by the heater and now she's use to it so she doesn't mind (unless you take too long and leave her in the cold!) :) She is good at night. She doesn't cry when her diaper needs changed, she just squirms and can't get comfortable. She usually wakes up at midnight, 3am, 6:30am, on. This is for the most part, but every now and then she'll throw in a curve ball. Her cry is so cute and she has a little bottom lip. We are in love with her left dimple too! :) Kev and I feel so blessed to have her in our life.


Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

So fun!

April and Wes said...

Aren't babies the best. It will only continue to get better and more fun. Babies sure change your life... but only for the better! :)