Monday, January 23, 2012

Jazz vs Mavs! 1/19/12

Zealynn went to her first Jazz game on Jan. 19th vs. Mavs. I couldn't decide if I was going to go since Z was a month old and I wasn't sure how she would do. Kev convinced me that she would do good and it would be good for the both of us to get out. I had only been out once in 4 weeks (plus two times for the Pediatrician) and I was starting to become a homebody. Well...she did AWESOME! So much better then I even thought she would! She was just taking everything in! We got there a little after it started, just in case there were fireworks in the beginning. She slept the first quarter, took her first bottle the second, I changed her during half, looked around and dozed off in the 3rd and took another bottle in the 4th. I was so happy that Kev convinced me to go! It was definitely a great experience and much needed for Mama!

This was her first bottle she had and she did really good!!

Kev loved being able to feed her!
Yep, she's in her PJ's again. One of these days I'll put her in clothes, but since she is asleep or eating majority of the time, she might as well be comfortable! :)


April and Wes said...

First you look spectacular! Second, I took Peyton alone to an Angels game when she was 1 month old and it was fun. Newborns are easy because they can sleep anywhere and through everything it seems. And last, good job with the bottle. I think it is so important to get them used to bottles because then it frees you up to pump and be a little more mobile when necessary. :)

Jessica said...

I cant believe you haven't left the house yet?! I would go absolutely NUTS! I try to stay home as much as I can handle with a newborn just for germy reasons but man I HAVE TO GET OUT. Even just a little trip to walk around target. I'm a homebody when josh and I are together but when I'm alone with the kids all day it drives me nuts to see them destroy the house (you know actually play with toys hehe-im a bit of a clean freak) but I bet it's cold where you are? It rained here the other day and I didn't even peak a single toe outside lol your baby z is super cute! And I think p.j.'s are sooo cute on newborns :)

Momberger said...

Jess you look amazing! I cant believe you just had a baby! Wish we could meet that beautiful thing!!