Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A couple photo shoots!

I think I mentioned before, we bought a canon camera before Z came because we figured we would want to take a lot of nice pics of her and frankly, we didn't want to be spending a grip on all the pics of her we would want. (I take a lot of pics of my nieces and nephews, so I knew Zealynn would have a fair amount!) Be galore! She's just so cute i couldn't pick one (or two or three for that matter!) :) So here we go...1 week old (12/28/11)

her little hooked finger! haha

Oh her dimple is the cutest thing!!

Jan. 2, 2012 (12 days old)....Our Best Christmas Present EVER!

One of my favs!

Always has an arm up! Love these two!! Daddy has a way to calm her down!

I decided to just feed her real quick and she became very somber after that. Love my cuddly girl!!

Love kissing these feet!!


Hope said...

Love the pics, Jess. She is so cute! Trust me, you can never take too many pictures, so have at it! Especially because you will die when she looks totally different in like just a couple weeks!

Josh and Kaleena said...

Yep, I am totally with you. We did the same thing (bought a new camera and photoshop) because I would rather take my own pictures too. (Plus, they are so cute no matter what, so it makes it so easy when they are young.) We're still working at it, but someday we won't have to pay for any more professional pictures! She is a beautiful baby!

The Hansons said...

I love ALL these pictures! What a beautiful family! So happy for you!

Trent, Taraleigh & Taven said...

Congratulations she's adorable! My wife and I really like her name.

-Trent Duffey