Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pregnancy Pics!

So we couldn't decide if we wanted to take professional pics or just use that money and apply it to a nice camera. We figured I'm going to go crazy with wanting to take pics of her when she's born, so we figured that we could take those pics of her. We had Carla (Kev's mom) take these pics during Thanksgiving in Bluebell (at Kev's grandparents house). The next day, I was 36 weeks.

We have a pic almost exactly like this one in our engagement pics! We had to reenact the tree scene! :)

I really wanted to get on this tractor! :)

And this barrel was calling my name! hahah!

We took some other pics a little earlier too...I was 34 1/2 weeks here. Our friend Sarah took them at Riverwoods in Provo near Kev's work.

Kev made the perfect heart! :)

I wanted to straddle the tree stump. ha!

Of course Kev wanted to do something different! :) I told him if he fell in, he was on his own. :)
I love this man!


Team Serra said...

You're carrying that little girl so much higher than me! I felt like Parker could kick through my crotch if he wanted to...haha. Love the pics.

April and Wes said...

You're so lucky you are such a perfect little belly. By this point I was like tree stump woman I was sooooo incredible swollen. None of my shoes fit so I had 2 pair I could wear. I actually had to get rid of one pair because my swollen feet stretched them out so bad they wouldn't fit after I delivered. You are one hot preggo mama!!!! Good choice just buying the camera btw. :)

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...


Glad you got the camera instead. The pictures are adorable!

Rick and Kori said...

So cute! I love that blue color on you! You look so beautiful!

Sundbergs said...

Those are so cute. You look beautiful in them! I love that you redid an engagement photo cute idea