Friday, December 9, 2011

Nov. 30th: Kev's 29th Birthday!!

Wed. Nov. 30th was Kev's 29th birthday! I wanted to surprise him (because I love surprises and it's hard to surprise him!) So during the day, I brought him In n Out during work for lunch (love gift cards!) and then I wanted to surprise him with Ruth's Chris in Salt Lake that night. Here's the thing....Kev says Ruth's Chris is his favorite place...however, he has never been. I felt since we usually don't do anything like this, it would be a fun thing to do for his bday. Little did he know though that our friends would be joining us! So here we are in the car...I'm trying to stall so our friends are seated before we get there! :)Had to stall again...kev knows I love taking pics, plus we got a new camera so I don't think he questioned it! :)
The hot birthday boy! I love the Christmas lights down town!!

They gave him a birthday card!
Our friend Ashley Kobe!
Mark and Kev..they love each other! :)
Ruth's brought Kev a birthday dessert!!
The gang! It was such a wonderful surprise for Kev! He was so happy they joined us. They LOVE a good legit food...hence I asked if they wanted to join us. :)

Happy Birthday my Love! I hope you had a wonderful day!! I love you so much!!

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Jessica said...

mmm ruths chris...ok so i've never been either but it still makes my mouth drool-must be good! i liked your pregnancy pics and think it was a good idea to spend money on a camera too...we're almost there! here's an early congratulations incase i can't get to a computer when post that cute baby!