Sunday, April 17, 2011

General Conference April 2011

This conference was so amazing to me and I felt like every talk was talking to me or was for AJ's family and Jenna. I liked to think that AJ had a part in that because he wanted all his friends and family to feel the spirit and build our testimonies! My parents have been such an example to me and my siblings of the importance of general conference and listening to the words of the prophet and apostles. They have come up from California every conference (Oct and April) to spend the weekend on temple grounds. Sometimes we have tickets and sometimes we don't. Sunday Morning, my parents went out like 2 hours before to get tickets and us 3 got in! (Unfortunatly Kev had to work that day. Boo!) I'm so grateful for the example my parents are to me and the sacrifice they make to be up here. Sometimes, they drive Friday after work, get in early Sat. morning and leave Sun. after the morning session and listen to the afternoon session on the radio. Some people think it's crazy, but I think it's an amazing example of their testimonies. Love you Mom and Dad! My parents and sister Jamie and her husband Chad went to the Jazz/Laker game the night before and me and Kev watched their kids. So they spent the night and we went Sat. morning to temple square to listen to the prophet and apostles. It brought back so many memories of doing that as a kid!

I have so many memories of watching/listening to April conference and then when the men go to priesthood, my mom and I go watch Final Four for March Madness! :) This year was no different...then we went to Blue Lemon! Yum! :) Thanks fo the visit Mom and Dad and Jamie, Chad and kids!! We had a blast! :)

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