Saturday, November 6, 2010

Game 2 Jazz Game 10/28/10

Thursday, October 28th: Since Kev and I live across from the Energy Solutions Arena, we definitely try to take advantage of the Utah Jazz games! Kev wasn't able to go to any of the pre season games because of work, so this first home regular season game was a treat! Kev's dad's company has season tickets, so sometimes we are able to go, but we didn't have the tickets for this night. Since the game started later this night, Kev got home just in time to run over for the second half! We ran over and saw two people coming out. Kev asked for their tickets if they were leaving. They gave it to us and said, "They are really good seats actually! We just have to go! Not sure if they'll let you in since they've already been scanned, but give it a try!" Now let me tell you why we are genius'! :) We went to the ticket office and bought the cheapest tickets we nose bleeds! Then once we bought the tickets to get in, we used the other tickets to watch the game! No harm done since we still bought tickets and these people were gone! So was so sweet. We ended up getting 13th row courtside. Even though we lost to the Suns, it was still so much fun to go to the game with Kev!

Spent $32 for $316 tickets...not too bad! :)

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