Sunday, September 5, 2010


Well I had my second half marathon on August 28th. It was a totally different kind of race for me. My first half, I had trained like crazy and this one wasn't like that at all. This race was a lot harder to train for because of the summer and how hot it gets. The only way I could train outside would be to wake up at 5 am every morning before work and I am definitely NOT a morning person. Plus, the gym at the school was being worked on, so I wasn't able to use the treadmill hence, I didn't train that often. I was so nervous for this half because I trained about 2 1/2 weeks and that's it! Kev lifted my spirits though and said that I already proved that I could beat 2 hours so now just have fun! So Friday...we left for Logan, UT (our old stomping grounds)....Here's my "lucky" number!The morning like 5:30am. We stayed at our friends house up there. (Thanks Jake and Crystal!)

The first 6 miles was in the canyon and it was AWESOME! So beautiful and perfect weather! The first 10 miles or so was awesome. My time was good and I couldn't believe that I had done as good as I did for not really training. (No, I don't recommend it though). So this was on mile 9. Apparently I was too fast for Kev that I just bolted past him! ;) Not really, but I ran up to him and he was like, "Ah!" so he took off running in front of me so he could get some pictures. It was so funny! I couldn't stop laughing...he's such a good supporter! I love my honey! AND I did it!! The last 3 miles were kind of poopy. The half is 13.1 miles...I ran for 13 miles and walked for about .10 miles so I was happy with that. But the moral of the story is that I FINISHED!! I ended up getting 2 hours 12 minutes and 30 seconds, which is a lot better time then i thought would be.

I look and smell like death in this pic but I had to get a shot with my love. I want to do about 2 half marathons a year and never the same one. I would love to go all over the place and get all the cool Tshirts and medals!! This was officially the longest day ever though. Right after I ran the half marathon, I went back to take a shower, then we drove to Salt Lake (1 1/2 hour from Logan) to pick up our keys then drove to Roosevelt (2 1/2 hours from Salt Lake). Then we packed up and drove back to Salt Lake to move in. We ended up getting back to Salt Lake at midnight and unloaded the truck and trailer. We finally went to bed at 5 am. Yes, we were both VERY tired and my feet are still in need of a pedicure! :) So now we are living in Salt Lake City (Downtown) and we love it. I started my new job last Monday and Kev started school last Monday and will have some job interviews this week. Life is great and we are SO happy since we get to do this all together!


Rachel Glenn said...

woot woot go jess! youre my inspiration

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Great job girl!!!! You totally ROCK!!!

Betsy said...

I am in Bountiful! So close to downtown! We should meet and catch up!

The Little family said...

Jess you are awesome!! Your a total POWER runner these go girl! You look fab btw:)