Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kirk Family Pics

Since Kev and I came down to see the new addition to our family (and of course everyone else) and so did my sister and her family, my mom wanted to have family pictures! I love family pictures! I think Sarah did such a good job! Check her out at Sarahhullphotography.blogspot.com. Here's the whole family...even 5 day old Carter..and Jenn's a champ too! :) So far the total is at 24! Holy Moly we're growing! The Todd Family of 2 :) (Pics by Sarah)

The Ward Family of 4 (Pic by Sarah)
The Liechty Family of 7 (Pic by Sarah)
The Kirk Family of 5 (Pic by Sarah)
The Kirk Family of 4 + 1 (They just got a foreign exchange student, Federica, from Rome Italy! We love her!) Pic by Sarah
Mamacita and Papa family of....well 24 now, but 7 originally! :) Joce is all giggles!
Me and Ty

Katrina and Preston
The Grandkids...10 boys and 2 girls. Can you tell Jeff is holding Preston and hiding behind my dad?! So funny! Pic by Sarah

James and Carter

Most of these pics are from my camera...so when we get all of them from Sarah, I'm sure I'll post more!


Jennifer said...

Love these pictures! You and your husband are too cute. : )

Momberger said...


Lisa said...

The WHOLE Kirk family is just so gorgeous! Way to go Jen, especially! She looks great! I love the pics of you and Kev. Ohhhhhh, I miss your face! I know, come visit us!!!

Rachel Glenn said...

oh my gosh jess- they turned out beautiful! love the one of you and kev- and dang! your mom is looking good! feel like i haven't seen you guys in forever...

The Little family said...

Pictures look great! You guys are so good at getting togther and color coordinating for pictures. Love your purple shirt...it really pops! I sent you an invite to our blog...hope you got it. Just used the email you have for facebook.