Friday, December 11, 2009

"We're leaving on a Jet Plane!"

okay, maybe not a JET, but something like that...GOOD OL JET BLUE!! Oh how we love you!! Thanks to Jet Blue, my love and I are chillig at the Long Beach Airport. First departure? Boston MA. Second Departure? CANCUN baby. Yes. we are pretty excited. We earned enough points to have two free flights to anywhere and we decided to go to Cancun since we got a really good deal on a 5 days 4 night stay at a resort. Our 3rd anniversary is coming up, so we decided that it would be a good a wonderful Christmas present to each other! My love flew in last night and we board in half an hour. It hasn't really hit me yet. Probably won't until we are arriving there. I'm not sure I will be posting our activities when we are there, at least not pictures. Maybe I'll do the stories and post pictures when we get back.

When we are in Cancun, we are actually going to be doing something that will be a lifetime experience for us. The past month we've been studying to become PADI SCUBA certified! Yes, it's true. We figured this World is covered by water, we might as well see the beauty that is around us! We're excited to see this "new world" underwater. I am sure we'll have some interesting experiences. We have taken our written test and then Monday and Tuesday will be our open water dives where we go to 2 different reefs each day. After we complete that course, we can go anywhere in the world.

I'm so grateful to experience this with the Love of my life. We are going to have so much fun. You better believe we'll post pics! Have a great weekend everyone!


Kade and Kaylee said...

Wow that is so cool that you both are going to be certified! That is something I would love to do as well! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!

Melissa + Brett said...

I am so jealous! Have fun and take lots of pics!

Team Serra said...

i have the same black swim suit! we LOVED mexico when we went for our time you go...drag us along too!