Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A weekend with My love!

Friday, September 4th I flew out to Utah to be with Kev and the Todd family. It was so wonderful. Kev and I have been away from each other for 3 weeks since Kev started school. We've been keeping busy and miss each other very much, but know that it will be worth it in the end. Have I mentioned how madly in love with him I am yet?! Anyway, Kev picked me up from the airport and we headed towards Kamas, UT. (near Park City) Kev put together a camping trip that we could do with the family and it was a lot of fun! We got there Friday night and left Saturday. We rented ATV's for 24 hours and just had a blast! There were these trails that you would go up and went through some serious off roading on parts. This isn't even all the way to the top! This is half way and look how beautiful it is!

Bryan cracked us up. Keven and I rode in the front so anyone that were behind us got a mouth full (and face full) of dirt! This was after we went in the morning! He was wearing his glasses and took them off and that's when we saw this wonderful uni brow!! :) Thanks for letting me post a pic Bryan! What a good sport! :)

Here's Kev's little sister Kiley making a cool little spear from a branch.

Saturday morning, Sept. 5th, the girls and Bruce went out on the ATV's and Kev and Bryan made breakfast!
Here's what some of the 4 wheeling looked like. SO MUCH FUN!Here we are at the top!!
Bryan and Dana
Here they are again...with Kev in the back on the mountain! :)
Here's a closer look........

So we came back to meet up with Keven's parents to go fishing, but it started pouring!! I mean, big time!! So of course...I ran outside! Playing outside in the rain is one of my favorite things to do!! The thunder was crazy and I told Kiley (Kev's little sis) to come play with me! The boys took the ATV's out before it started raining really hard so Kiley and I went running to go find them. They came back drenched and muddy...they had found huge puddles and were riding the ATV's through them! So what would anyone else do in cold...wet weather?!!! Kev and I and Bryan hopped on the 4 wheelers and found ourselves some sweet puddles and had some huge splashes!! It was SOOO awesome! Defintely worth it!! Obviously I didn't have our camera during that time.
So then the rain stopped and we made some foil dinners! They were so good!!

We got back to Roosevelt Saturday night and enjoyed a very relaxing day Sunday. Then Monday for Labor day, Keven, Bruce, Kiley, Bryan and myself went golfing. I'm really starting to like it a lot!! Maybe one day I'll get some clubs of my own! :) Then we went out to Park City and went to the Parade of Homes. It was so amazing! We went to Salt Lakes parade of homes, but Park City put it to shame this year! One of the homes was 10,000 feet that had a 360 degree view of The Canyons! After the Parade of Homes, we ate in Park City and then went back to Salt Lake to stay with Dana and Bryan. (Thanks guys!) I left this morning...crazy to think I was in Utah this morning! It was such a fun weekend! Less than 3 weeks and I'll see my love again!! I love you baby! Thanks for planning a wonderful weekend!


Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

looks super fun and BEAUTIFUL!

The Ward Family said...

Fun times! Especially the rain . . . We miss Keven too.

Melissa + Brett said...

How fun! I want to go camping! Wait...why is Keven in Utah? How long will he be there?

Team Serra said...

wait Keven went back to school? where??

Rachel Glenn said...

ahh jess being away from the hubby is the worst. brian has left me for the past 2 summers to do research... blaah! glad keven is coming home soon!!!!