Sunday, June 14, 2009

Being an Aunt and Uncle is the best! :)

Thursday, June 4th, Keven's Uncle Doug and Aunt Michelle and their family came down to La Jolla to visit Cali for a couple days. They were having a bbq and invited us to come over. We are always excited when family visit, so we always make sure we take the chance to visit. We were blown away at this amazing house they were staying at right on the beach. We had a wonderful bbq, went out swimming/surfing and then came inside for some games. We had such an awesome time! Thanks again Doug and Michelle for inviting us! I absolutely love this picture. This was actually from their back porch. Usually beach homes have no yard, but this was on like 2 acres and the grassy backyard was awesome with this view!

I couldn't help but take a picture of the sunset. It was amazing and the water was actually really warm!

My sister Jamie, her husband Chad and their four kids, Jordyn, Micah, Dylan, and Jaeger came down on Sunday, June 7th. They are actually still here! We have had so much fun with them! Everyone came over on Sunday. It was insane! ha! There are 9 grandkids (plus one on the way) and 12 adults. Yea, that means 21 of much fun! :) I love when we all get together! It was so much fun to see how the kids played with each other!

Friday, June 5th was this cute little guy's first birthday. We love you Preston!
Here's 5 of the 7 boys. They love this teter totter!

Monday, June 8th was Aiden's 4th birthday! We had a bday party at Rachel's (my sister in law) brother's house. He builds pools for a living and just finished their backyard. It was so sweet! This is only half of it.... There are about 5 fire pits at the top of the waterfall, plus a slide is in there and a cave! It was kind of cold, but it was still a lot of fun jumping off the water fall! Of course, Keven mastered his many flips!

Aiden giving Grandma a hug! I love this picture!

We got to hang out a lot with the nephews and nieces a lot this week. Dylan does this freaky "dragon" noise and chases everyone. I had to take a picture of it. I love that picture of Christian too...he usually doesn't like taking pictures, so I was glad I got it! One of the best parts of being an Aunt is seeing Keven as an Uncle. He is seriously the best Uncle ever. (I think all the nieces and nephews would say that same thing.) The kids always want to know what Keven is doing. If I show up anywhere without him, the first thing they say is, "Hey, where's Keven?" It's pretty funny because they just want to jump on him...scream with him...flip with him...and just play with him. I am so grateful of who he is and couldn't ask for a better man. I love you Kev!

My sister Jamie and her husband Chad went to Hawaii for their 10th anniversary. We were so happy that they were able to go. It was the first time that they have ever been away from their kids. I know that it was hard for them, but I hope they had a blast! Here's Kev doing "superman" with Jaeger. They got really close this last trip and Jaeger always wants to be with him. Everytime you put Jaeger in the air he bends his legs back and points his toes. It's so funny!
Here the kids are attached to Keven. Kev was walking all around the house like this for a really long time. They didn't want to get off and just kept laughing and laughing.

Somewhere under those three boys is Keven. :)
Friday, June 11th, We went to a park and fed the ducks. There were so many ducks and the kids had a lot of fun throwing bread to them.

Here's Kev and Jaeger throwing bread to the ducks. Now we are home. It's weird not waking up to kids in the morning, but sleeping in today was awesome!! :)


The Ward Family said...

I bet it was :) You guys are so good with the kids. They already miss u guys! Being an aunt is a lot of fun.

Hope said...

Don't you love having a big family. It's the best. Looks like tons of fun!

Amy! said...

Being and Aunt seriously is the BEST :) LOVE LOVE La Jolla.. Looks like you guys have been having fun :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your help while we were gone. You guys are great. The kids absolutely love ya.

Darin and Betsy said...

my new blog address is email me at if you need me to invite you again