Thursday, April 30, 2009

San Antonio with the Whitings!!

As mentioned in the previous post, Keven and I flew out to Austin for Grandpa Johnson's funeral. Keven's best friend Phillip (since he was two), lives in San Antonio, TX (for medical school) with his beautiful wife Lindsay and sweet little Addison (their 18 month old daughter.) After the family left on Monday, we decided to stay out a couple more days to spend time with them. I only met them at our wedding open house so I didn't really get to talk to them. Keven hasn't really spent time with Phil since high school. Plus, tickets were the cheapeset coming back a couple days later anyway! :) So Phil picked us up from Austin and took us to San Antonio. We got there Monday night and stayed up talking. The next day we were greeted with cute little Addison! She is so much fun!! After Phil was done with school, we headed to the Alamo! If you are ever in San Antonio, you just have to go to say that we've been there. It was pretty cool and such a nice warm day!This was the coolest tree ever! It kept growing and growing! They put poles up to hold it in place and the tree started growing around (and into) the poles!Here we are outside of the Alamo.Keven striking a pose..I made him do it! :)After we walked around the Alamo, we went to the infamous River walk. It was really cool. It went through the mall too! It was really peaceful and there looked like there were a lot of nice places to eat around it.We sat down for awhile and there was this squirrel that kept eating our gold fishies. (okay, so we gave them to him...but he got SO close!) I was scared that he would jump on us. His tail was a little creepy!On Wednesday April 15th, we decided to go to the San Antonion Zoo. When Lindsay mentioned that we should go to it...Keven and I were SO excited!! We've wanted to go to the zoo for so long. But the best part about it was that this zoo had EVERYTHING and was still only $8!! I still want to go to the San Diego zoo, but that's like 5 times more we were excited! :)
The black bears were the first thing we saw. It was so cool to see how the interacted!
The jaguar was one of my favorites. It was SO beautiful!
Keven was so excited to see the hippos. It was so hot outside so I am sure they were nice and cool underwater!
The Lorakeets were so sweet!! I love their colors!! This place was called "Lora landing" and you go inside where all the birds are. (Kind of scary that they may poop on you though!) You get some nector and you actually feed them. Lindsay picked a couple of them up and one climbed all the way to her shoulder! It was way cool! One flew in between Keven and my face and it scared the crap out of us.
I was SO excited to see the tiger! I absolutely love tigers!
I wanted to rub some lotion on this bad boy..or maybe it was a girl. I kept calling her Sara from "land before time."
This elephant was huge. Right when we got there he was in his cage because the workers were putting his food out. They put these little treats on the railing or in the tire. Then he would wrap his trunk (like in the picture above) and toss them in his mouth. It was crazy that he could hold onto something so small!
This hyena was just offense to all you hyena lovers. If I had a choice of being in a cage with a hyena or a bear...I would chose the bear. The hyena just looks freaky!
Here's me and cute little Addison. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Phil had intramural flag football at school. (Good job by the way Phil!) It was so much fun to watch her. She became my little buddy!

Oh Phillip and Keven...aren't you two so cute! Friends forever! :)

We left Thursday afternoon..which was actually Lindsay's birthday! We felt so bad that they had to drive us back to Austin for her birthday, but we really appreciate it! We are so grateful for good friends and for the opportunity that we had to visit you guys!! We love you....and your little dog too!!!


Julia Holmes said...

Those pictures make me want to go to the zoo! I love animals. Looks like you guys had a blast.
You know Sara from Land Before Time is a dinosaur right? haha jk I love that movie.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun trip! For some reason I can really picture you getting freaked out about the chipmunk's tale. Also, I can imagine you telling me the story and acting out what the chipmunk was doing and what he looked like. Don't lie, you know you've already done an impression of this chipmunk for someone, right?!

So, you're really coming to Logan in July, aren't you? PLEASE say I get to see you this time!

Sheryl said...

You are so adorable! You have fun and make fun everywhere you go! I just love your smile!

The Ward Family said...

Fun. I love the hippos! So cool.

Bill and Terry said...

Jess and Keven....just wanted to say that your new profile picture is just guys look like models sitting on the beach!!
Your happiness together just pours out onto the page...
Love you both and see you on the islands in August!

Lindsey Whiting said...

we loved having you guys! YOu are welcome anytime, and next time I 1won't take tylenol pm during the day. :0)